plaquenil info please

I have now received my bottle of plaquenil liquid as I'm hopeless at taking tablets!! Will be starting it tomorrow morning but had a miniscule taste just to see what it was like and ...... its absolutely awful!!!! I fully expect to be throwing up as I have to take 8 ml !!! Luckily I can take it with food apparently but there is no way that anything will be able to disguise that taste.

I do manage to take my warfarin tablets with food and am now wondering whether plaquenil tablets are a similar size to warfarin or not, and if they can be taken with food. Then, if they are, I might be able to manage the plaquenil tablets.

Can anyone advise please?

Many thanks


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  • My Plaquenil tablet are supposed to be taken with food so I always have with my main dinner at night. They are a little bit bigger than warfarin tablet but enteric coated so you cannot break them in two. Mine are 200 mg I don't know what your dose is. I don't know if you can get in 100 and if they would be smaller.

    I really think you could manage them though. Why not pop along to the chemist and ask the pharmacist to show you one before you go to the trouble of changing your script? Frankly I don't think I could swallow 8mls so the thought of that would force me to swallow a tablet and Im not good with them either but have no issues with it.

    Hope that helps :-)

  • Hi there, my daughter takes this, with full stomach at lunch time, the pills are small, and are really fine. Also they do not appear chalky in any way. Hope you can get over this hurdle as suggested by Lynn. Best wishes with your new pill project. Mary F x

  • Thanks Lynn and Mary. I must have a go with the liquid first as there has been a bit of a problem getting it for me. But if I really am having difficulty taking it I will see the pharmacist.

    Lynn - I am really hopeless with tablets !!!. I chew paracetamols and the rest of the time have liquid meds. I'm such a baby - at 54!! I've recently started taking alendronic acid for osteoporosis and that has a strange orange metal taste!

    I'll let you know tomorrow if I managed the 8ml

    Jane x

  • If all else fails you can ask your GP to get the tablets compounded so that they can possibly be made chewable with something so that it has a better taste, or smaller so that they are easier to swallow or even the liquid has something in it to make it more palatable. It depends on how helpful your GP is and the funds they will or are prepared to put towards this.

    If you are going to go for the liquid I would put it in something like yogurt or anything to help disguise it. You have to take with food anyway so can't you mix it with something? Would this dilute and therefore stop the medicine from working as well?

  • I take liquid cod liver oil and I have found that if I hold my node while I swallow it zi don't tAste it I take a citrus tasting tablet afterwards. Its a calcium tablet but chewAble vit c would be similar. I also take cayenne pepper tincture which I follow with a square of chocolate. And that works well.also worth a try is to look up when you take it. Its an odd thing but looking uowards is great for dealing with unpleasant sensory experiences. I use when I inject myself daily. I feel no pain when I am looking up and if I forget I do feel it I think you will find a little routine that works for you and after a while you will realise that some of the symptoms you used to have are no longer bothering you I found that with plaquinal that it was only when I looked back I realised how many aches and pains I no longer have. All the best Ann.

  • Thanks Ann. I'll try your suggestions . Anything to make it easier!

  • Hi Im on planequil been on it since 2009 started at 100mg once daily with or after on 200mg they not huge pills.mine are not enteric coated...give a bitter taste so always sip bit milk afterwards.

    hope they help you lots,didnt know could get in liquid form.

    should always have after or with food as can cause tummy pain...i did my mistake once take no food horrid tummy pains.

    all best hun

  • Hi and best of luck with your new plan. One thought about the pills you still must take.... just an idea. Like many of us, I have to take so many pills, some of them the size of a car! I take mine with food, not liquid, and it works perfect. What I do is take a bite of food, chew it up until am ready to swallow it and then just pop the pill in my mouth. I don't even know it's there! So it's swallowed with the food and I don't taste a thing.

    Of course, there are pills that have to be taken without food, so this doesn't work then. Fortunately, the big and nasty pills seem to be able to be taken with food. Have been doing this for years.

  • Unfortunately when I've tried this before somehow the food goes down and the tablet is still in my mouth!!

  • Thanks for all the advice. I managed to take the liquid!! Took it with fresh orange juice and bread and jam!! Good job I can take it with food!


  • Hello I live in the plaquenil tablets are very narrow...small rectangle...I also hate taking pills.....but these are small and easy to take

  • Glad you found a solution Jane

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