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Generic Plaquenil

I have been reading Penned Posts from the past. I noticed a post re generic and brand name Plaquenil.

I have been on GENERIC Plaquenil for years--maybe since I first went on Plaquenil. I didn't realize there could be a difference between brand name and generic. In addition, I have never felt the Plaquenil I took made me feel any better. I tried to get the doctor to discontinue the Plaquenil prescription several months ago but he refused saying it SHOULD be helping.

Now I am wondering if the genetic Plaquenil I take, made by Zydus, is the reason why Plaquenil does not make me feel better. Does anyone know anything about the Zydus brand of Plaquenil?

However, a 3 month supply of Plaquenil Name brand costs four times what generic does -- several thousand dollars. I don't know what my insurance would pay if I were to go on brand name Plaquenil, but it would be lots more than I am now paying.

Any ideas out there on a good way to proceed in this situation?

Nancy in West Virginia

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The first thing is to make sure your pharmacist knows how to order it, and yes some feel better on the actual Plaquenil due to the various fillers used in the other types. It is the drug of choice for St Thomas' and also London Bridge, more so than the others. This is the general advice for the UK:

The product descriptions is: "HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE SULPHATE (ZENTIVA) 200MG FILM COATED" and the 'PIP number' (Product Code) is 1201730. If for any reason they cannot find the product on their system they can ring the customer service line on 01483 505515.



We cannot get this in the states. I have asked my pharmacist about this supplier, Zentiva, and this PIP. Not possible here.

I'm having a very difficult time tolerating the Hydroxycl. I think 175 mg is my limit. My rheum wants me at 300. ( I only weigh 112. Shouldn't that be enough?)


Do you think there is another Plaquenil manufacturer in the USA that produces the same Plaquenil as Zentiva in the UK?

I take 200 mg generic Plaquenil twice a day. How much does your doctor want you to take and how often?

I've just never felt Plaquenil ever made me feel any better.



Kellyintexas -

I am also in the US and can only tolerate namebrand Plaquenil. When you say you can only tolerate 175 mg what exactly do you mean?

Hydroxychloroquine is dosed on weight and height. I'm a fit 5'3" and weigh around 124 lbs. I take 300mg/daily in a split dose (200 mg in the am with breakfast; 100 mg around 5 pm with a snack). 200 mg pills are easily cut with a pill cutter.

When I took generic brand, I had terrible stomach issues, so much so that after 7 weeks of taking them, I just couldn't anymore. My rheumy had to get a preauthorization so that my insurance company would cover the namebrand. Now my scripts state "name brand only" and my insurance covers them at a level IV script price (more than the generic price but capped). Well worth the slight increase in cost for me as I have no issues with the namebrand and do feel it helps me.

You could definitely take 200mg/day. I did that for awhile but felt symptoms returning so I went back up to 300mg/day.


I was on 'real' Plaquenil for three months to see if it improved anything but also saw no change. There are a few on here that are allergic to the fillers in the generic brand, so it could be worth your while trying the 'real' stuff for a few months and seeing if it makes a difference?


That's a good idea.


I have had the branded and two different generics, they all work just the same for me

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I take hydroxy made by Sandoz - I take 200 Ml twice a day --it took me 6 months to reap the full benefit of this med. Most i have heard here don't give it enough time as it is a very slow acting drug , like i said 6 months for me and i haven't had any bad side effects so far and i have been on it for about 6 to 7 years. I take many meds and what i have to watch is that i get the same Manu. of the med every time as even the inert ingredients can throw my other meds of . also i am a very hyper person with an INR that is just CRAZY unstable and changing MFG'S can and does effect me, So always same MFG is a must with me .

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