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Hi there, has anyone had any trouble recently getting plaquenil from pharmacies in the uk? Several pharmacies in my area have told me it's discontinued and gave me quinoric instead. The problemni have with this brand is it tastes foul and gives me stomach ache!

Has anyone else had a problem with getting plaquenil or had similar problems with other brands?

Thank you

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Hi this has been on here and also the HSF Facebook page, so posting it again for you, this is what you need to give your pharmacist.


The product code for the product is what they call a pip number as is 1201730 this will make it easier for the pharmacy if they have any problems finding it.

If for any reason they can not get the product on their system they can ring the customer service line on 01483- 505515.



Yes i have, the answer is to drink ++ and take it on a full stomach then you'll have no problems.. the basic ingredient is the same. All the best elfie

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You will also need your Doctor to write placqunil on your prescription. I found the cheaper Hydroxichloroquine was useless. It took me weeks to get over the change until I was put back on the placqunil


Had lots of running around to find a Pharmacy that would supply this as most of the 'big ones' not interested or able to help as they have very centralised buying/distribution set ups.

I get the Zentiva product from a small independant chemist no problems BUT he did ask me to get the prescription wording changed as 'Plaquenil' as it is discontinued is likely to just have any old generic supplied instead of.

I now ask on the repeat request email for: Hydroxychloroquine 200mg Film-coated Tablets and will see if this is ok and think that is what the docs actually typed up, one prescription in on this.

Good luck


Hi I've been on hydroxichlroquine for nine years .a couple of years ago I was given quinoric but it didn't work the same ,I'm now on zentiva and its fine the ingredient is exactly the same as plaquenil ,prof Hughes gave me information on this the last time I saw him ,good luck

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Thank you I will try it, I've been on plaquenil for just over a year with no problems. Have you had any side effects with plaquenil after being on it for 9 years? I have an eye test annually as I was told it can cause problems with vision.




You must get the Doctor to actually write placquinil on the prescription if it's correct you will get the hydroxichloroquine from Zentiva

The pharmacy has to give you this make if it's written correctly, I believe the ingredient is the same but the fillers are different,

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I've never had any problems with hydroxychloroquine ,I have my eyes checked annually as well


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