Next surgery -I have a date

Date for surgery . there was some members asking about bridging for surgery . I will be going in for a double surgery Nov. 10 TH . as this will be my third surgery since 2009 Dia. They can follow my bridging and i wil post all things and procedure for bridging from start to finish . any one wanting to follow this is more than welcome as i am a rare person .

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  • Good luck on Nov 10th I am having surgery that day too and on Oct 27th! Thx for ur post! I wish u the best! Godspeed

  • Will you be doing Bridging for your Anti's ?

  • Good luck with your procedures. hope all's well and heal well

  • Good luck! For what its worth I'll be holding you in the light that day.


  • Me too!


  • Thank you both - hows things with you Gina -with all that flooding -my thoughts go out to all down there - hope you and all yours are OK . Good friends-will keep you posted if you would like

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