Tooth Abstraction in hospital last Thursday

I had a tooth out because I am on 9mg of Warfarin at a hospital. I had a room to myself with my friend who was there for support. It was in a private hospital although I was NHS. Cannot fault it except for the time - I was told my appointment was at 1pm, in actual fact, I had to wear a hospital gown and knickers, it took place in an operating theatre, and by gosh, that was Thursday. Yesterday I had to , well another friend dialled 111, to see what we could do because my left cheek was swollen as if I had a tennis ball in it. It is still swollen and we had to see an out of hours Dentist who gave me antibiotics: Metronidozole, the dentist said they would increase my INR, but as it was low in the first place, I wasn't too bothered.

Anyway, I think my cheek is slightly deflated but it is swollen inside my mouth too on the swollen side.

I am due to attend the Warfarin clinic in the morning at 10 .30am.

I cannot eat anything except for Weetabix, yogurts and cold fluids.

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  • Hi, there it sounds as if you have come out the other side! Hope you are feeling better soon. Mary F x

  • Thanks MaryF,

    Just that I have some marking to do,and haven't done any all week. Thought would Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I am struggling.

  • Well you need to take some time, it takes us lot longer to recover from things, you will catch up when you are ready. Mary F x

  • Hi.

    I hope they told you not to drink alcohol with Metronidazole, as it is very likely to make you really feel sick; the drug used to be used not only as an AB but as aversion therapy for alcoholics.

    I remember just having ginger beer, 0.2% alcohol, when I was on it and I felt very strange.

    Best wishes.


  • Thanks Manofmendip

    No, I was not told this but I do not drink. Though I was asked if I drank and I said never. So maybe that should have been told to me. I was going to a friend's house who drinks who might have encouraged me but honestly on the 18/19 meds I take, I cannot drink if I wanted too. I couldn't go to my friends yesterday because I have only just finished off the marking. I know it is 5.30 am but it had to be done. I am having my Warfarin checked at 10.30 at the hospital. My support worker is picking me up to take me. Yes, I still look like a one-sided hamster but I have been in hospital all last week for various things so I am not going to get any more anti-biotics.

    Thanks for the advice

  • Hello, have you contacted the consultant who extracted your tooth and told them there is a problem? If not, you really must, today. Infections in the head and neck can be very serious, that's assuming an infection is the complication you are suffering from. I appreciate that you've spent a lot of time with doctor's recently and don't necessarily want more medication but please talk to the Consultant who extracted your tooth or your own Dentist, please.

  • Hi Mary-Lou

    No I haven't contacted the specialist, a friend dialed 111, and we were put through toa doctor or someone who rang back and said a dentist would get in touch, she asked if I could get there so I said yes but not up steps as I use a walking aid. So I went somewhere new and local to my nearest hospital.

    I did not know an ninfection would be serious. It is all down one side of my face and neck and if I open my mouth it is swollen inside too, my inner cheek touches my teeth. I have had ice packs on continuously since Thursday as this helps with the pain. It isn't the absent tooth that hurts it is everywhere else. The tooth/root socket was packed and stitched four times. I didn't feel this I could just see what the Dentist was doing. He said I was his star patient. I have a high pain threshold as my GP said. But in reality I do not.

    I might contact my own dentist today. Thanks!

  • Hi

    Just to say I have also had a massive headache on the same side of my head as the swollen cheek. It has been getting increasingly worse so I will mention it to my support worker, the Warfarin clinic and will also telephone the hospital where I had the tooth removed.

    I do have an information pack from the hospital so will look for the telephone number.

  • Hi jumpingpeggy,

    It is good that you will cheque your INR in the morning.

    Take good care of yourself!


  • Hi

    I had my finger pricked and just by taking those antibiotics my INR has doubled in two days! I have to take 3mg tonight then back to 9mg tomorrow. Plus, I haven't exactly eaten much since Thursday, so Ido not know if eating only soggy Weetabix and yogurt contributes towards raised INR I do not know?I went out to lunch afterwards with my support worker but I could not eat the egg sandwich I cannot open my mouth enough. I did have a gigantic massimo latte though.

    I accidentally spilt liquid on my mobile this morning, just putting a drink on my tray that is attached to my walker and iI though it had only been a few drops but it would not work so now I have to wait until Wednesday to have it replaced through insurance. At least they are coming here. I am lost without my phone but I do have a land line too. I can still carry it around though I doubt I will get a blood clot at the moment, The Warfarin Clinic did not seem perturbed about the massive headache. But she noticed the big swollen cheek, which I thought had lessened in size but she said it was enormous!

    Did someone say the other day that Rhubarb also raises the INR? If so I do not want to eat it this week. I have to go back to Warfarin clinic next Monday.

    I am saddened because a fellow stroke sufferer has moved house today, they needed a bungalow on a level, he was getting that disabled so I will be keeping in touch with them and just happened to have a New Home card in my card stock, so I gave it to them, He hasregained his speech but his right hand and legs are still affected. I do not know what caused it but I was shocked when he said he was 81! He looked like he was in his 60s. or younger. They will be sadly missed.

  • Hi this happened to me too my eye swelled and cheek.i too am on warfrin 7mg

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