Tooth extracted

Just had tooth taken out today 🙂

My dentist wouldn't take tooth out as I'm on wafrin target of Inr 4 .fragmine injections when fills below 3 .

Found a dentist that would take it out 👍I Reduced my wafrin to I was hoping to be around Inr 3 . But had a Venus Inr at st Thomas in the morning and was 2.6 my self test machine was 2.4 . Didn't take fragmine until 8pmwhen I take my warfrin. Had tooth taken out at 5pm

Due to have another tooth taken out soon not really happy dropping my wafrin so low and not taken fragmine injections. Had major stroke 2011 and many amourus fugax things that count as TiaS showed I be worried about dropping Inr for just two or three days ? Am I putting my self at high risk of clotting event just to have tooth out or is the risk very minimal ??

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  • Im so glad to hear you found a dentist and wil soon have less pain. Good luck with the second extraction.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Glad the tooth is out. You must ask your specialist for advice and explain how worried you are. I had an angiogram recently and was off warfarin for 3 days without any backup. My specialist was very understanding of my concerns and put me back on warfarin as soon as procedure had ended at a higher dosage. I don't self test so I had to go to go for INR after 3 days when they put me back on my original dose.

    Hope this helps

  • My dentist wouldn't extract a tooth because I was on warfarin and referred my to the local hospitals dental department, they required me to have an inr test the day before and as long as I was in range they would take the tooth out without me having to stop the warfarin or go onto fragmin.

  • Had several teeth taken out recently. Was on warfarin. My dentist is fabulous read everything from dental assocation. Monitored for full hour after extractions. No problem whatsoever. To be fair my dentist updates my records every visit. Has studied about strokes and my medications,consults dental hospital also has phoned my gp. Don't know whether I'm just lucky.? I think if they want to keep their business they always train and learn. X

  • Pleased to hear finally out. Don't forget to rinse with warm salt water, (teaspoon per mug) regularly to help it heal and reduce possible infections, for at least 3 days.

    You shouldn't need to stop warfarin for an extraction. My orthodontist was happy to do it as long as inr was below 4 but preferably 3.5.

    Good luck with the next one.

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