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Tooth ache


I need a couple of teeth extracted asp but my dentist whant do it as I'm on wafrin with a target Inr of 4 .

Saw pro hunt a couple of weeks ago and mentioned I may have to have a tooth taken out she said that was ok and no problem to have tooth taken out by my dentist.

My dentist wants to refur me to St. George's hospital to have teeth out says there's a waiting list of 4-6 weeks I'm in pain now !!!

What can I do 🤕

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I would get the dentist to telephone Prof Hunt for some advice! If not you will have to hassle the hospital with the help of GP to bring it forward. Hope this situation improves of you. MaryF

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Thank you 😊

Dentist didn't seem to have a clue told I had a clotting disorder not a bleeding disorder

Been in agony all night

With pain 🤕✌️️

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He didn't seem to grasp the fact that when my Inr is 4 it's just the same as a normal persons blood

And there for there is no danger of me bleeding

Thank you 😊

I'm having the same trouble. Dentist only allowed to take teeth out with inr below 3. So I was sent to hospital where they would take them out up to an inr of 4. (But only one at a time) Started off ok and had one tooth out every 3 weeks but then inr wouldn't behave and all stopped. My teeth have rapidly deteriorated and I am needing them all removed as they are breaking and even falling out! I am getting abscesses constantly and in pain. My inr nursing manager has said they will bridge me with tinzaparin (heparin) to enable the teeth to be removed. It will be a relief to be honest and as I've got a metal valve in my heart it is even more of a risk to get infection in teeth as it can travel to heart causing an infection there.

Oh poor you. My dentist extracted my tooth while I'm on warfarin. She said they will do up to an INR of 4 but do take extra care because of the healing process which relies on the clot forming. My dentist stitched my gum and put in a plug and I had no problems at all. Maybe your dentist is a little unsure if they haven't done one before. Isn't there another dentist in the practise who will help?

Thinking of you hope you get sorted soon.

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Gone to another dentist hopefully doing Monday at least she's given me some antibiotics to fight the infection .

So by Monday she can take tooth out 🙂🙂🙂

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Brilliant news. That's exactly what my dentist did. She then stopped my antibiotics very quickly so that it didn't mess about too much with my INR.


I had two teeth extracted last year while on warfarin. The oral surgeon said it depended on where the tooth to be extracted was located in your mouth as to whether or not I needed to go off the warfarin. I'm scheduled to get another tooth extracted in 2 weeks and this time I do needed to go off.

I had this a few weeks ago. Pain Started end September and orthodontist not available till dec10th. I had an abscess sitting on my main nerve in the jaw bone. After 2 courses of antibiotics I popped in to see if there was a cancellation and the consultant decided to assess the tooth then removed it there and then. My INR was 3.6 and he was happy to operate anywhere under 3.9 but used stitches as well as pressure to get the bleeding under control.

Ask your dentist for an urgwnt orthodontic referral locally. Most are happy to operate If INR 《4. Else take yourself to St Mary's dental hospital in Paddington as they have a 24hr dental casualty.

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