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Hi all

Just want to ask if anyone else with APS suffers with tooth sensitivity and toothache. I have been in pain now for a couple of weeks and have been to the dentist today, but she can find nothing wrong. I am in a great deal of pain and having to take painkillers. I am worried as this happened last year on the other side of my mouth and again the dentist couldn't find anything wrong, then a couple of months after if started I suddenly lost the hearing in my left ear. This is a permanent hearing loss so am worried this will happen again in my right ear. Any thoughts or ideas? I am due to go and see Prof. Hunt tomorrow at St Thomas' Hospital in London so will mention it to her also.

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  • I apparently have low sinuses, so I feel sinus infections in my upper teeth. Sometimes it gets so bad, that my gums swell, my teeth won't fit together, and it is excrutiating if my teeth touch each other. I don't officially have APS, but when I started taking aspirin my facial pain was much improved--better than codeine. Anyway, I'm confused about it, so I don't know if this helps at all. Also, I grind my teeth, so that seems to cause other tooth pain, but I was just at the dentist. I have a couple of small cavities, but nothing untoward.

  • Are you still on warfarin or have you changed to another anticoagulating drug? I know you have been unstable on warfarin. You must tell Dr Hunt about your toothproblems as I assume they have to do with your ear.

    I had the same problems before I started warfarin. The dentist could not see anything at that time. I have now a leftsided otolite-damage from the TIAs or ministrokes.

    If you are not stable on warfarin you should perhaps change to another bloodthinner as Salty suggested earlier.

    Good Luck tomorrow when you will see an APS-Specialist. Make a list.


  • Hi Kerstin

    I'm still on warfarin and have enquired about changing to another anticoagulant but have been told warfarin is best for me at present. Still not stable though and Prof Hunt has written to my local hospital to ask them to raise my INR to 3 -4 but haven't heard from them yet. I saw a specialist today and told him about my teeth but he said not much they can do and if it continues to go back to dentist. Great help!!!! in meantime I'm still in pain.

  • Did Prof Hunt test your INR today? It sounds good that she has raised your INR to 3.0 - 4.0.

    Perhaps she listened to you talking about the toothache and that you lost your hearing earlier. Hope you will stabilize on your INR soon.

    Hope for the best.


  • Hi Kerstin

    I didn't actually see Prof Hunt, I saw one of her team but he didn't test my INR. I feel at a loss as to what to do about my toothache as in a lot of pain and having to take paracetamol regularly which isn't good but what can I do?

  • So sorry for this. Perhaps that doctor in her team did not know what APS was.

    You must insist to see someone who is in charge of your treatment. As Prof Hunt has suggested to increase your INR level to 3.0 - 4.0 which is good, I should insist to talk to her and ask about your ear/tooth- problem. She should understand if she is an APS-Specialist, which I have heard earlier she is.

    I cannot understand why they did not take an INR.

    Also call the warfarin clinic if they have heard from Prof Hunt about increasing your INR and ask for a new INR-cheque-up.

    Take copies from the HSF website and give to them if necessary.

    Of course you must take paracetamol if your ache is too perminent. It may change your INR. Here we have learnt that more than 4 - 6 paracetamols will make the INR rise. (I never take painkillers.)

    Good Luck from Kerstin

  • Hi There certainly doesn't sound ideal. I've found using a soft bristle toothbrush and sensitive toothpaste are the way to go. If I run out and use my hubby's toothpaste within a few days I notice the difference. I also find my teeth ache with changes in my INR. I hope you find something that works for you 😊

  • I have had this problem for a long time. I also use a extra soft toothbrush and Sensodyne--a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I tried the generic brands but they are not as good. I also have sinus issues and when my sinuses act up, I'm often convinced that I'm having a problem with my teeth but then it goes away. I visit the dentist every three months for a cleaning and am starting to have a deep cleaning in May. The hygienist and dentist know I'm on Warfarin and recommend 3 month cleanings to minimize the bleeding when I do go.

  • Massaging the painful parts with clove oil can help. You can even just suck on a clove.

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