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Fycocompa and Co-Codamol bad mix?

I have JME and take Fycompa and Lamictal for the epilepsy. Lamictal I have used for many years and I have never been a healthy bunny at the best of times, thus used co-codamol many times with it. I have a serious neuroma on my spine, so am using pain killers all the time. Recently I have found I have very light headed very hard to sleep and essentially the effects of the pain killers wearing off. I had some Ibuprofen given to me from a visit to a local A&E, so I thought I would try them in desperation, wow! hello world! what a difference, it must have been the reaction of Fycompa and Co-codamol? The Fycompa has that slightly anyway, have been on Fycompa since Christmas last year, but it must have been the co-codamol that accentuated my overall state! Could I have a case here?

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I had morphine when I was going for an operation, meant to be out for a few hours, one and a half days later woke up and felt wousy for about two weeks later, needless to say badly allergic to morphine. I have now developed a resistance to cocodamol, it worked first of all, but had to take stronger, then nothing. I think the fycompa now is not really to blame, the dramatic side effects of them is obviously accentuated by the various new pain killers I'm trying, about five at the moment?

Thanks Eaoz


I was on co-codamol pain killers, which have now lost their effectiveness, it's just my system that has built up a natural resistance against them, taking so many pain killers over a long period. Morphine does not seem to be an issue here. My reactions were caused because of the potent mixture of medication I have been taking recently, maybe accentuating various side effects from them. Keeping awake due to Fycompa was due to the other medications side effects. It was like saying sleeping pills were keeping me awake at night? Thanks for info. Eaoz!


That is weird, maybe that might explain that the codeine seems now, not to work to my system, strange they even prescribed me this in the first place? Seeing my GP tomorrow swap notes on this! Thanks Eaoz


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