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Smoking taste?

I used to be a heavy smoker, sixty a day, I gave up 35 years ago. I have scoliosis which affects my lung capacity, deformed chest. I am taking a large 500 mg coated epilim pill, which has to be taken before bed [I have had epilepsy for over forty years]. Because of the restrictions in my gullet, and that the pill is coated, it usually gets stuck in the gullet, about half way down my chest, sometimes for the whole night, [gallons of water do not help to work it down] . eventually during the day clearing itself. I tried to choke it up, it usually brought up some blood with it. My real worry is now I have a perpetual taste of nicotine in my mouth throughout the whole day!

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hello adlon sorry to hear about this problem did you know that epilim comes in liquid form and im sure if you told your doctor about the problems you have swallowing it then you could get it in liquid form. do you think its the pill being stuck all night thats causing the problem with the taste of nicotine. im sure it must be as you have not smoked for 35 years, so i would ask your doctor in fact i would telephone him today and get this epilim liquid immedialey as you dont want to suffer another night of this, please let us know how you get on, lots of love and all the best, grace xoxoxo

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