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ADHD without medication?

I have ADHD, being retired and living on my own, I'm finding it very hard to get to sleep, my brain fights against my body, it usually wins, it is so active, especially when I try to get too sleep, usually about four in the morning, even then I usually only 'sleep' about about four hours, and not really deeply, lying on the bed trying to calm down my system trying to concentrate on deep sleep? I find it extremely hard to concentrate, I am on medication for epilepsy, and transport restricted, but want to find some sort of tips to help me sleep, diet, what to do, some sort of everyday methods to help this condition? My lack of working on the computer; sending emails at four am, or watching the TV till some ridiculous hour, is of course not beneficial, but do not want some crazy medication, which would only be short term, as the brain slowly gets used to them, then back to the beginning, there is transcendental meditation, but surely that is extreme anyway, seemingly 'talking to others I lose the thread of their communication, because I'm so tired?

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Hi Adlon57

I wonder if you've come across Prof. Richard Wiseman's book "Night School: Wake Up To The Power Of Sleep"? I've not read it yet myself, but have read most of his popular science books and find him extremely accessible, engaging and informative (as well as consistently evidence-based).

Just a personal tip which you may or may not find useful, I find reverse psychology works best for me. Rather than keeping myself awake 'trying' to get to sleep, and constantly analysing my sense of consciousness (occasionally waking myself from semi-consciousness), I come to terms with my insomnia, telling myself that I have gone to work tired before, and will again. Once I have resigned myself to a long, boring, wakeful night, with little regard for tomorrow, I find there is little to keep me awake.

Anyway, that's just me. Good luck with it.


I am ignorant of his works but definitely will give a look. Sounds exactly what I'm looking for!

Actually new medication does not help, Fycompa, especially as it makes me feel like a zombie in the morning, but a shower in the morning, then ok!

I try to do that but my brain is a fighter, probably knows my system too well, I'm naturally a night person, I have epilepsy and about 90% of my seizures are in the morning! I actually got my best night's sleep in months last night, just plain common sense, made sure the bedroom was about normal not greenhouse as it usually is, and removed a clock, meant to be silent, but I heard it, had tried to ignore it for years, but this morning very good mood, going to try and book a holiday, for first time in three years!

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.


Just got his book, sitting on my knee, just what I'm looking for, some very 'eye opening' material!



there are many videos on utube called body scans and you lie in bed listening to them and paying attention and following along to what your told to use your mind this stops your own mind taking over and thinking about this that and the other. its amazing how easy it is to fall asleep, those meditations are not extreme. maybe transandendental meditation is but listening to thoses tapes really helps me there is a fee app called insight timer and there are hundreds of free talk down tapes for many occasions like getting to sleep or fighting depression i also like micheal sealey on utube he is fantastic. its easy to really enjoy them. i find getting into a habit at night before i go to bed works also it does take time. like having a warm bath having a nice herbal sleep tea getting pyjamas on closing the curtains. just doing the same thing every night before you go to bed. getting your phone ready to play your utube video or whatever you play them on. i think you will be nicely surprised how good meditation is for sleep.


Hi. Where are you based? I know a clinic in central London called Helios Holistic Health that could help you. A friend of mine had a similar issue and she went to see them. They told her symptoms (ADHD and insomnia) were due to an allergy. basically she was just reacting to an allergen - in her case I think it was mercury (found in many foods). I think it might help if you get some nutritional/allergy testing done. Check out their website! Good luck!


Their website advertises applied kinesiology and 'food intolerance' tests. Essentially, applied kinesiology involves the practitioner pushing on your arm as he/she holds vials of substances that might be causing allergies. They claim they feel resistance in your arm depending on how 'allergic' you are to that substance. There is no evidence this can detect anything and no reason to suppose they might.

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I have a feeling it's more to do with my general lifestyle, and medical condition, epilepsy and it's medication side effects, I live on my own and have done so for so long , even my old GP said It was better if I was on my own? Although I think now it would be a good idea if I got out a bit more, I'm a bit of a hermit! He was not a very good GP anyway, you have some pain? then he would give you some pain killers and show you out, no diagnosis!

Magnesium supplementation I have not heard of that idea, I will have a decko at that!

Thanks Dottie11!

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I have a very sore back as well, anything for a quiet and painless free night, have just bought some!



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