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I am going deaf due to a head injury, discharge from the ears?

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I am currently waiting for a MRI of the skull, from an injury I had from Jan. 2018, recently I have discharge [water like?] coming from both ears. I am semi isolated so am not in contact with general public, but noticed it is very hard and subconsciously putting the volume up on the TV! Talking recently to a neighbour, I could not comprehend what she was saying, I had to apologise and ask her to repeat? It seems like a mixture of signals or nothing, I gave up with the taxi driver just saying as little as possible? I can hear down the phone as it is near my ears, but TV is getting worse? Cotton buds prove to be wet after use, I can feel the discharge actually whilst writing this down! I need to see someone face to face about this matter?

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Affirmative. Time for an in-person with otolaryngologist. Generally find GPs not much use for this sort of thing. Good news - could be a simple as swimmers ear, which gives me the same watery discharge. Easily fixed. Hopefully that is all that it is.

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Thanks, seeing a doctor about it, on the 'safe to see' people's queue, had my jab, almost winding down, actually seeing a doctor face to face, first time since Feb. 2020! I have a shower every morning, but have been doing that as long as I can remember, but your idea certainly goes down in the suggestion box! Although unlikely as it carries on even when I wake up, and medical specialists are hard to get hold of, for obvious reasons at the moment! Feeling a bit more cheerful as weather has improved, although Northern Ireland gardening supplies are definitely the worst in UK, because of Brexit, which does not help my proposed gardening invasions? Hope all is well with you?

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Getting by. Get my second COVID vaccine tomorrow. Have some wonky kidney numbers on my last two CMPs. Feel fine though. After heart and brain surgeries I figure I only have one each of those. I have two kidneys. At least there is a backup is one is going bad! Hopefully just a tempest in a teapot.

Do hope you get your ears straightened out. Take care.

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I might be lucky, when they are looking at my ears, "Ere, your head temperature is a bit high, has it always been that hot?" that sort of thing? Like yourself, a friend mentioned he was very proud being an organ donor, I was thinking good idea, in retrospection, what organ? That's where my Irish dark humour comes in handy! You gotta laugh!All the best with your 2nd jab, Stay Safe.

Thanks Hunter, given ear spray, actually helped balance a bit, but when stopped a month later, discharge from ears again, treating the effect not the cause, dizzy spells happening more often, STILL waiting for that elusive MRI, even new Schwannamatosis specialist admits its taking a bit long? [she is in same hospital!] Usual crap from epilepsy specialist, COVID circumstances! Four months??😤😤

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