Surgery on wee finger?

I had surgery to remove a neuroma/benign tumour, NF2, on my left elbow five years ago, but my wee finger on my left hand is now about 30% of normal, it catches on things, caught on a metal tape, [cut it right down to the bone], and frying pan, it is so tight that it actually pulls itself into my palm, automatically, [doing it now as I write this] it is numb right down the left hand of hand to the wrist. Is surgery to remove it an option as I could have a really serious accident with it? it does actually affect slightly my next finger on the left hand about 90% use. I can clench the fist but the wee finger does not quite meet with the palm of the hand. The numbness and tightness is very annoying and the end of the finger is almost completely numb, and if removed would what is called 'phantom pains' come into the equation?

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  • You need to discuss medical matters with a health professional.

    What are your insulin-like growth factor levels like?

  • If I do get it removed of course I will discuss with the relevant people, I will probably have to wait a good while anyhow! I am 61. Could you elaborate on "insulin-like growth factor levels" and how this might affect my case?

    Thanks Concerned!

  • You could tape your little finger to ring finger with tape, micropore get a splint to help or in the mean time .

  • It happened five years ago and has worsened because of catching it a year ago on last digit, I found because of two fingers being of different lengths the two fingers and the tape itself catches on things, this would have to be a permanent solution so surgery I think would be the only realistic answer!

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