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Today’s food

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Breakfast-Just Right Cereal with semi skimmed milk and freshly picked Blueberries, and a cup of Camomile & Honey Tea

2 x Coffee mid morning it’s been a bit stressful!!

Lunch - ham & coleslaw sandwich in a small brown roll, and a cup of Camomile tea

Afternoon 2 x Camomile tea

Teatime - will be Haddock in mushroom sauce with mash and peas

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Sounds good to me. 😊

Are you looking for feedback? If so, throw out that cereal. It is 23g of sugar per 100g, so a quarter of it's calories come from sugar.

It's very unhealthy. Eat whole grains (eg jumbo oats) or better still, bacon and eggs.

OK, the bacon&eggs is controversial (but probably right 🤞), but there is no one who thinks a bowl of grains and refined sugars is a healthy meal.

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CTink in reply to Subtle_badger

Thanks Subtle_badger, I will try find something better for breakfast. After having gastric and duodenal ulcers last year and living on porridge for nearly 6 months I’m not particularly fond of Oats, and definitely couldn’t eat bacon and egg for breakfast, but I am doing research on what sort of things I can eat. I’m struggling to eat more than 800 calories a day and I’ve been told the reason I’m not losing weight is because I don’t eat enough. It great seeing what other people eat and getting helpful feedback so thank you

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Subtle_badger in reply to CTink

Just eat food you enjoy. The concept of specific breakfast foods is generated by advertising. Bacon and eggs was created by an American PR expert to sell more bacon about 100 years ago, and a little before that, John Harvey Kellogg created the idea of starting your day with grains.

So eat whatever you fancy for breakfast, or nothing at all. I've given it up (mostly, but I did have some cheese this morning) but before that I was a huge fan of leftovers from dinner to start my day.

I had a lovely home made burger on a home made nan with fresh tomato and onion it was delicious xx

Good point about eating whatever you want for breakfast. Here's a little background on John Harvey Kellog and why he liked to have grains for breakfast🤨😨

It gets better than that. JH Kellogg believed that sugar would arouse passions, but his brother found that no one would buy the cereal without sugar, so he added a ton of sugar.

So our current cornflakes are a bowlderised version of a Victorian nonsense fad food, based on an anti-sex philosophy.


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Cooper27Administrator in reply to CTink

Do you like Yoghurt? that might be an easy place to start with increasing your calorie intake for breakfast. You can eat it with the berries and cereal, until you're ready to try something else if you choose to. Perhaps a nutty granola, if that's OK with your liver issues?

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CTink in reply to Cooper27

Hi yes I do like yogurt with the berries but not the cereal. I never used to eat breakfast but since having the gastric ulcers I have been told I have to. I will try nutty granola. Thanks for your help

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PandQs in reply to CTink

Sometimes for breakfast i have full fat greek yoghurt, berries on top, sprinkled with toasted flaked almonds to provide some crunch :)

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CTink in reply to PandQs

Now I could definitely eat that, my shopping list is getting longer

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PandQs in reply to CTink

If in UK, Morrisons the Best is excellent :)

Right, cereal like Lucky charms is just loaded with sugar. I myself don’t eat cereals or breakfast, just rolled oats sometimes. What is your take on this type of cereal? I included the website and the box, see your opinion with this one? Thanx.


That sounds nice but never seen in in the UK, I will look see if something similar, thanks for your help

You are welcome. 😊


Cassava Root*, Navy Beans*, Cane Sugar*, Sunflower Oil* and/or Safflower Oil*, Cocoa Powder*, Pea Protein*.

That would be a hard no from me. I am a believer in whole foods, minimally tampered with; eg in the form they grew in or only modified in a way I could (at least theoretically) do in my kitchen. This very much looks like a highly processed food to me. I wouldn't recommend it.

Personally I am also low carb, so don't each much starchy veggies or legumes. The ingredients is almost a list things I don't eat 🤭

Cassava Root (starchy tuber ❌), Navy Beans (legume ❌), Cane Sugar(❌), Sunflower Oil and/or Safflower Oil (seed oils ❌), Cocoa Powder (there is such a thing as too strict! ✔️), Pea Protein (macro nutrient removed from it's original matrix ❌).

Also, again personally, I stopped eating breakfast cereals except oats decades ago. I may have had a bowl cornflakes at the Travelodge in Macclesfield in 2013 because it was the only thing available before starting a 600km cycle at 6am. I don't think I have ever tasted a single cheerio. So even if the nutrition was perfect, and I believed it was natural, I wouldn't be interested.

I have the occasional bowl of cornflakes with full fat milk as a late night snack..have done since a young teenager. I don't see any harm in it what so ever. Actually it's lovely and very satisfying. Your lunch and your teatime meal are great, so overall for the day it's been ok. You not said you have cereal for breakfast 7 days a week.

A quick omelette or scrambled eggs cooked in butter or olive oil is what i make for my kids for breakfast if I don't want to spend to much time cooking, and it don't take a minute to cut some cucumber and tomato to go with it.

They can have still a little cereal from time to time.

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