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An ideal food day?

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I'm really not creative even with the list of foods on LCHF page. I have James duigans books but a lettuce wrap for dinner fills me with dred. I'm active (I run around after a 1 and a 2 year old each day). I try to eat clean wholesome foods but have had a bad week and sugar has crept back in. I'll be cutting the sugar again as of tomorrow and limiting carbs as I can't bear to completely get rid just yet. Ill be trying spelt pasta this week and eat Vogel bread, brown rice, sweet potatoe and limit white potatoes.

I need some inspiration. What is a usual day of meals that you have?

My breakfast - oats or weetabix

Lunch - turkey sausage with eggs, mush, plum tomatoes and toast or omelette with turkey or bacon rashers or a wholemeal breakfast muffin with egg and bacon

Dinner - turkey spag bol with wholewheat pasta and packed full of veg, cottage pie, burrittos, chicken fajitas

Snacks - the list is becoming endless with junk

Drinks, tea tea and tea usually I go for water and green tea

I also find I have to take a multivitamin with iron, without the iron I CAA barley move with a really low amount of energy (seeing my doctor next week)

I've also been debating whether to add a green smoothie just to up my green intake.

What are the best veggies to go for (superfoods)?

Sorry for the long post and I welcome any tips, recipes, ideas of items I can try or substitue etc.

Thank you :)

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I've just come across the Hairy Dieters recipe books - they are brilliant (and already calorie counted!). I know a couple who followed their "diet" who lost stones and now look very svelte! I'm on my own now so I cook the recipes for 4 then divide into portions - being honest about the size of the portions! Then I eat 1, have 1 for the fridge and 2 for the freezer! There are some brilliant ideas in the books and great family meals! Good luck!

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lou192 in reply to Judywood

Thank you, I'm always looking for new recipe books. I'll have a look for that, I'm sure I saw it in my local supermarket. :)

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Judywood in reply to lou192

That's where I got mine! But think Amazon might be cheaper! Good luck!

An ideal food day:

Breakfast: spinach omelette with raspberries

Lunch: grilled chicken salad with bits of bacon and no dressing (I don't really like it anyway) I like the taste of lettuce on its own so I eat them without dressing.

Dinner: homemade gluten free green pizza with pesto, light mozzarella, green peppers, spinach, and onion. I usually throw some chorizo on there as well.

Snacks: I make my own granola and carry that with me through the day.

Drinks: one cappuccino in the morning and then tea the rest of the day. And of course lots of water.

Like I said it's ideal but usually life gets in the way. 😕

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That sounds like a really good day. I'm thinking of having the heavier meals for breakfast and lunch then a lighter one In the evening. It's good to see what others eat on a typical day, gives me ideas like granola :) thank you

I have noticed on my journey that something doesn't agree with me and have been diagnosed with IBS and PCOS both of which I think are linked to an intolerance and leaky gut. Cutting down on carbs would be a good idea but I fear I couldn't do it completely.

I love the idea of frittata pre made as I have very little time to do anything other than cereal. Are there any sites you can recommend for recipes? I made a lovely Turkey stew yesterday with lots of veg and chillies but had it with spelt pasta which I'm keen to drop, just didn't know what to replace it with.

If I really had to have a cereal as standby, would shredded wheat be ok? That's just wheat isn't it? Nothing added etc. many thanks :)

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lou192- After starting to read the book Grain Brain, I am getting to where I don't want to touch wheat anymore. They link leaky gut to a gluten sensitivity (gluten is the protein in wheat) which is a whole lot more common than you would think. Our stores are awash in wheat products, and going gluten free is difficult to say nothing of being rather expensive. I've dumped shredded wheat for oatmeal, personally. The whole point of the book is to link wheat/gluten to Alzheimer's. And I've had way too many "senior moments" to ignore this. Wheat will get you- it causes an insulin release, whole grain or not, triggering weight gain, and it works on your brain!

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See it's strange for me I've noticed when I eat particular pastas with the 'semolina' in is when I get all the nasty symptoms with 24 hours they appear and last for a couple of days.

I think I'll do some research into wheat and it's history. I don't notice a reaction when I eat spelt pasta which has been used since ancient times and is the cousin of wheat but some that react to wheat don't react to spelt.

It's all very difficult :( I do love my Vogel bread so much.

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I would be really interested to find out how it goes for you, if going gluten free helps the leaky gut and/or IBS. Please keep us posted.

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I will keep you posted. Today I would have eliminated wheat from two of my meals, it's a process but I'll get there.

Many thanks. I think I'm getting to better grips with it today. Cut my carbs by about 10% so far (as says fitness pal).

Thank you I'll have a look at that link and will have a look on Amazon.


Soft Cheese

2 Eggs any style

2 Serving spoons vegetable casserole


Cheese or nuts

1 small barely-ripe banana or 1 medjool date

3 oatcakes or quinoa (90g cooked weight).


1 medium sweet potato or 1 cob sweetcorn or chickpeas (100g cooked weight).

non-starchy roast vegetables or stir-fry greens

palm-size meat or fish or seafood or poultry or game

whipped double-cream and/or coconut

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lou192 in reply to Concerned

Thank you, reminds me I must keep watching my portion sizes. :)

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Concerned in reply to lou192

Your use of weetabix, most bread/toast, wholmeal muffin, and potatoes for example, especially combined with a lack of natural fat will play havoc with your insulin/IGF-1 levels and lead to chronic metabolic problems.

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lou192 in reply to Concerned

Well today I had 2 slices of toast with butter, 2 egg whites, mushrooms, tomatoes, 2 beef and cracked black pepper sausages for breakfast.

Lunch was chillie con carne just the meat and beans with loads of added vegtables.

Dinner will be a homemade vegtable soup on its own.

I'm slowly getting there lol :)

The last couple of days my swelling has reduced along with the carbs and sugar intake. Something's working as I also reached my end of March weight goal too :)

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Concerned in reply to lou192

Good luck!

Lean protein is the fastest way to deplete your liver of vitamin-A; always eat the fat that accompanies the protein in nature e.g. eat the yolk with egg whites.

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lou192 in reply to Concerned

Egg yolks just make me quiver lol but I'll try in future :) thank you

I read molasses is high in iron, and will give natural energy, I have it in my morning coffee (with organic sugar) daily. Organic raw bee pollen I use as a "multi vitamin" source. I consider most vegetables "super foods", spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, ... it sounds like you're doing good. Agree with green smoothies, juicing (nutrabullet is affordable), adding some nuts and seeds too.

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lou192 in reply to Rusti

I have some flax and chia seeds that I can use. I also have a Breville blender similar to nutribullet just not as expensive. I also have lots of frozen berries in my freezer.

I think I'll pick up a bag of kale and see how I go :)

I'll be looking into molasses. Thank you

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