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Gluten free brown seeded bread.

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Hi everyone,

I baked this this morning, I really like home baked goods and especially with gluten free bread feel its well worth the effort because my home smells nice and I get to eat it. I don't like many shop bought items so am happy to cook most things from scratch.

Here's the recipe

340g Gluten free brown bread mix, 300ml warm water with 2 tea spoons yeast and a teaspoon of honey, 2 eggs, 50g pumpkin seeds 1 table spoon olive oil 1 tea spoon salt. More pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds to top.

Leave to prove to double its size then bake for 35mins @180C

I like adding seeds like pumpkin and sesame seeds as its adding flavour and nutrition. Sesame seeds are a great natural source of calcium and pumpkin seeds are just really nice roasted on top.

Its great seeing other members home baking so please keep the photo's coming folks.

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Hey thanks Hidden I knew they helped with something. I tend to eat them lightly roasted in bread and on top so don’t eat a lot at a time.

It’s good to know that natural foods that taste nice are good for us so thanks for telling me this.

Hey thanks Hidden and you can make really good bread I believe. 👍

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Your bread looks nutritious with the pumpkin and sesame seeds on top. Its form is looking in tip top shape. Its always nice when we find a substitute for regular non gluten free bread that tastes good as well. My go to GF bread that I purchase is freshly baked sourdough brown rice bread. I love that it has minimum ingredients (brown rice, sourdough culture, flaxseed, olive oil, psyllium and sea salt)

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Thank you Imaaan I do like a gluten free sourdough so a great choice. 😊

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Hi Hidden

Your bread looks lovely. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Zest :-)

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Awe thanks Zest 😊

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Hi Jerry, your baking skill is so great and healthy. 😁👍 I will subscribe to your YouTube channel if you start creating one. 😇 I’m always intimidated by baking as every time I burned something 😅😂. I love sesame as seeds, candies, sauce, dressings and such a good source of calcium. As for pumpkin seeds, it is a natural deworm. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us and Enjoy your delicious bread Jerry! 😋🙏🌺

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Hi Koko this is very kind of you and experimenting with baking is like everything else we win some and we mess some up and sometimes the smoke alarm goes off.

I expect that you like tahini as you like sesame seeds I love tahini and I didn’t know that about pumpkin seeds so thanks for telling me that.

One things for sure and that is you can’t beat real food for real nutrition, 💚😊

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