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Gluten free seeded white bread.

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Hi everyone,

After the bread poll we had many members saying how hard they found GF bread baking so here's a gluten free white seeded loaf that I baked this morning and I also picked some home grown tomatoes, I'm growing a few varieties as you can see and so far they all taste good but I think there's something special about home grown especially tomatoes.

This is a really easy straightforward gluten free recipe,

350g gluten free white bread flour I used Doves farm.

300ml lukewarm water with a teaspoon of brown sugar and 2 heaped teaspoons of dried yeast left to wake up and go frothy on top.

1 Table spoon of olive oil, 1 tea spoon salt

2 large free range eggs.

75g Pumpkin seeds and enough sesame seeds to sprinkle on top.

Mix thoroughly in a food processor and put in a large loaf tin allow to prove 35 mins and bake for 35mins 180C For a crusty white loaf and less for a softer crust.

I love freshly baked bread so have some thing nice to have my salad and my own tomatoes so all very pleasing.

Enjoy your Sunday now folks. 🌞

17 Replies
springcross profile image

Looks good Jerry. I love the little toadstools too, really cute! πŸ™‚

in reply to springcross

Hey thanks springcross I was pleased with the fresh crop of tomatoes and my toadstools are carved wood and I think they’re fun. 😊

springcross profile image
springcross in reply to

We've had a really good crop of tomatoes too, a lot of them have been milled and frozen ready for pasta sauce.

in reply to springcross

Thats so good I'm really impressed mine are really starting to ripen now. πŸ…

springcross profile image
springcross in reply to

Harvesting is the best part isn't it. πŸ˜‹

in reply to springcross

Yes and sampling it is good. 😁

springcross profile image
springcross in reply to

Oh yes! Agreed! πŸ˜€

Imaaan profile image

Great shotπŸ“Έ

Its a straightforward recipe that's easy to follow, thanks for sharing.

in reply to Imaaan

Hey thanks Imaaan I usually take close ups so it makes a change. 😊

Imaaan profile image
Imaaan in reply to

Switching it up keeps things fresh :)

HungryHufflepuff profile image
HungryHufflepuffMeal Of The Month

That’s a great photo and a lovely looking loaf. Thank you for sharing your recipes. About three years ago my car broke down irreparably. I didn’t replace it as I prefer to walk and am blessed to have the good health to be able to do so. It’s wet and windy most of the year here so I had the idea of using my car as a greenhouse. Last year I successfully harvested a few beans, they were an epic fail this year but so far I’ve had a few carrots and tomatoes, and lots of nasturtiums which are delicious in salads. My patty pan plants are now in flower and I’m hoping they might produce something 🀞

in reply to HungryHufflepuff

Hey thanks HungryHufflepuff I'm sorry about your car but think you've turned the situation around so that it works for you.

I smiled at the thought of tomatoes growing in an old car...🍎😊 I'm not sure how effective growing pumpkins would be for a flat tyre though...😁

Kitten-whiskers profile image

You make it sound so easy Jerry, but I am sure if I followed your recipe it would still be like a brick. Your bread looks lovely and your home grown tomatoes as well. I also love the wooden toadstools and pear - they are really sweet 😊

in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Thank you Debs and I've seen your gf baking and you're a star ⭐😊

Kitten-whiskers profile image
Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to

Aww, how kind - thank you Jerry 😊 that does however exclude bread


Zest profile image

Hi Hidden Your bread looks lovely, and thanks for sharing your recipe. Those tomatoes look especially good as well. I bet they are tasty.

Zest :-)

in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest the bread was nice as I had some with salad including tomato πŸ… 😊

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