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Eat like the Queen

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I've been binge-watching this guy's videos lately, and came across this:

It turns out that HM is a low-carb fan ... although mainly, it seems, as a cunning plan to offset the indulgence of afternoon tea. Skip through to 8:23 if you don't have time for the whole thing.

I'm not sure why he describes her diet as "bizarre". At 95, she's presumably doing something right, and it all sounds very tasty.

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I'm sorry, but where (and how) does she fit in afternoon tea? Between lunch and dinner? No way! lol. Afternoon tea has a wipe out effect. I'd be done till the next day, not go on to eat venison caught on the estate, or fish from the river. And chocs before bedtime and biscuits when she wakes...

Hmm, taking this with a big pinch of sommat...

This cannot be daily eating, can it?

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She has little else to do all day than attend the dining room ..unless she's out waving or giving out knighthoods. I suppose it is just tradition and she's always done it. Afternoon tea is probably a thing where someone is invited to visit her in the drawing room and usually its very light you get a selection of teeny sandwiches without the crusts a selection of teeny but exquisite petit four? Those teeny tarts and slivers of operah cake ...I mean I could honestly eat an afternoon tea for two by myself. The only thing filling is the scone with jam and clotted cream and I could eat two of those cos they're small compared to what you get in a cafe. Its definitely doable. If you only have a light breakfast and not a full fry. And I think lunch comes before afyerternoon tea so after lunch and before dinner. and she probably has those posh chefs that make those fancy teeny weeny dinners with an asparagus froth and a jus and a partidges heart stuffed with caviar or whatever...its not a farmers lunch and a miners supper she having. I'd guess. ... I've been to posh peoples houses rarely but one does be starving for a lump of something solid .. A pasty or a spud or a proper hunk of bread to keeo you going.

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You've really thought this through!! :D :D

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I really think everything through. But also if you're In america you wluldmt realise how small the portions are here. So explaining the cultural context.

ha ... I think if someone went to all the effort of making afternoon tea for me, I might just be able to find room for it :)

The size of portions isn't mentioned. It could be that she just doesn't eat very much of anything.

I can see it now?

NHS: Please fill a third of your plate with empty carbs

QE II: Lord Melchett, who's queen?

Ah, at least someone got the Blackadder reference :)

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