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Certainly NOT 'Healthy' but Most Enjoyable....

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Dear all,

Today I had a 'Bad Tummy', putting it politely, which finally 'stopped' about half past ten- leaving me quite Drained. I cancelled my visit, to my Mother's, re-scheduled it for tomorrow (and including a Meal), and then I slept until about noon, or so! I spent the next half an hour finishing my book, I only had thirty- odd pages to 'go'.

To cut a long story short.... I got Fish & Chips tonight, which I thoughly enjoyedπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹. As I said NOT that Healthy......


9 Replies
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I'm sorry you had a bad tummy, as far as I'm concerned it's horrible having an upset tummy. I have IBS and can't stand it when it's playing up.

I'm glad you enjoyed your fish and chips.πŸ‘

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I'm sorry you had such a poor night with stomach troubles. I had a weird stomach ache myself, and ended up having to sleep propped upright, otherwise my stomach would hurt too much. I can definitely sympathise with wanting easy food when you're feeling so poorly :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner, even if it was such a rubbish reason you craved it!

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Hi Andrew and cooper if you had to sleep upright may have acid reflux problem I sometimes get bit acid have lanzaprozil not often I avoid hard to digest food, and Andrew fish n chips can be healthy if not done in beef dripping we do ours in cold pressed rapseed oil or seek fish shops in vegetable oil animal fat isn't good on a recovering tum so I hope you are ok I felt bit sickly other tea but ok now had 2 chocs last night but felt bit sickly again I had milky cocoa and early night πŸ€—πŸ―

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Hidden

I don't think it was acid reflux, as the pain was a bit too low down - more across the ab region, nothing really in the chest area.

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Hi AndrewT,

Sorry to hear that you had a bad tummy. Did you talk to the doctor yesterday about taking anything for the symptoms? Did you have a fever with the tummy issues? I hope you feel better soon.πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒˆ

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AndrewT in reply to Activity2004

Nothing that required a Doctor's intervention.... just 'Something I Ate'. It was All Over by about 9:30, maybe 10, with only slight Tiredness today.

Thank you, for the concern though.


Hoping tummy is all ok now......but nothing wrong with fish and chips,healthy or not.x

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Hi AndrewT Sorry to hear you had some discomfort in your tummy - I hope you're feeling better now. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your meal - I had some fish and chips by the beach last week, and it was really fun to do that.

Zest :-)

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We had healthy meal all stuff thrown in very nice 😁


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