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Practices of healthy eating:S

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Hi guys.I am new here and i thought you can give me advices about how to manage my eating life...Firstly i wanted to ask this...What do you generally eat? Should i avoid from something?

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Hi prensesofie ,

Welcome to the Healthy Eating community. People eat different things, depending on their individual preferences and tastes, but a good starting point might be to look at the Healthy eating page (NHS Choices), which this forum is linked to, and the link is here if you want to have a look:

Also, we have various Topics - and there are some photos of foods and recipes that have been posted - that would be worth a look.

Wishing you a great week, and hope to see you round and about in the forum.

Zest :-)

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prensesofie in reply to Zest

i checked few pages but can you follow all of this? i am a student so it is hard for me.Thank you bye the way.i didnt think that somebody will answer my post:)For example ,how are you arranging the dose of the content for cooking?

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Zest in reply to prensesofie

There are some nice recipes around that are easy to try - and you can make healthy choices over time - see what you like in the forum. 😀

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BadHare in reply to prensesofie

There are some good student cookbooks available that are inexpensive. Also lots of websites with low cost meals. Look up Jack Monroe’s website for ideas. 😀

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i would arrange contents and dose by what it was i wanted to cook.

you can get recipes of the things you might like to try or make things you dont need to follow a recipe... salads, omelets..😊

i generally eat what i like, and theres not much i dont like.. but try not to eat to much fatty or oilly foods.. most of the processed foods along with such things like packet potato chips have now been band from my house.

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yeah i need time to learn.But ı thınk ı am just so stressed about my fatty fat belly and buttocks.İ just quit smoking and start to do sport so i am trying to be healthy again.İ ve never been like these i am a formal swimmer.I want to learn the difficulties that i will face from the beginning.Otherwise to stand all of these impacts are gonna be harder than now...What are the difficulties while controlling the nutritive value of the food?can you give me specific examples for me to understand?searching on the internet is easy and i read all over from lots of pages but nothing is trustable as personal share.

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There are generally two types of diet discussed here. One is a whole-food plant based and the other tends has meat/fish in the diet. I follow the former for two reasons:

- personal experience

- the overwhelming non-industry funded peer-reviewed research

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i didnt understand:( how do you count the grams ? whole food? fish-meat? protein based you mean right?

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Hi again prensesofie

Maybe have a look at the Eatwell plate:

That should give you some ideas for having a balanced healthy meal on your plate.

Let us know how you're getting on.

Zest :-)

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are you planning your eating list checking up from the internet?what about eating time?when do you prefer to eat or not to eat?

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am i the only one who has problems.i started to dosports but my weight is rrising!!!

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benwl in reply to prensesofie

Welcome :)

You've probably noticed already that there's a huge range of options and possibilites and it can seen overwhelming - but the good news is there's no rush, healthy eating is a lifelong project and you can take your time getting into it.

If your weight is increasing then it means you are eating more calories than you body needs so the excess is being converted to fat. Unfortunately gym and sports rarely burns enough to make a difference.

So you need to reduce the calories you eat. It might be helpful if you start keeping a food diary of what you are currently eating to work out how many calories you are actually eating.

I can tell you what I ate today in case having an example helps

Breakfast was porridge made with water and some ground flax seeds and a banana

Lunch was vegetable salad with spinach, lentils, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, chickpeas, spring onion, sweetcorn and balsamic vinegar dressing.

For dinner tonight i'm making a vegetable stew, with tomatoes, beans, peppers, onions, and potatoes and broccoli.

I'm a vegan so I don't eat any animal products and keep my fat and protein intake relatively low so the bulk of my calories comes from healthy carbs (no white rice, pasta, sugar, bread etc) - but that's not the only way to eat healthy and others here do differently.

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I went through a 12 week weight management course run by my local health authority. Key tips are. Make small changes, no drastic diets. Aim for 1lb a week. Eat anything, but less of it. Make sensible substitutes- cutting out sugar in tea, skimmed milk, lean meat. The eat well plate helps, and there are some good free recipie sites run by nhs. I think about my triggers for overeating and avoid them. So I don’t keep crisps or chocolates in the house. But I will buy a treat now and again.

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İ dont use sugar for drınks at all.İ like eating rolled meats and bread.i didnt eat bread soon.İ am keeping food list somehow.But some days ı dont move at all.ı am feeling bad or lazy may be there is no school that ıs why ı dont move.

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