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Delicious healthy dinner

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Last night I really fancied a kebab. You know, one of those greasy things in a pitta you have after a heavy night in the pub.

I didn't give in to the temptation (relatively easy as it was regular tea time and not a late night beer fuelled decision!) but I found a way round it! I made one at home. Non greasy, low fat and really tasty.

I bought some chicken and cut in to cubes. I marinated it with a dry rub (a moderately spicy peri peri one). I then sprayed my griddle with fry light and chargrilled the chicken. Whilst that was cooking I made my own tzatsiki. I put 3 cloves of garlic, a few splashes of lemon juice, some mint leaves, a little salt and a dollop of Greek yoghurt in a mini blender and whizzed it up. I then added more Greek yoghurt and some finely diced cucumber until it was the right consistency and flavour. I then transferred the cooked chicken to a warming oven whilst I griddled a pitta and chopped some salad (little gem, tomato, cucumber and lots of raw onion). Once done I put the chicken in the pitta, garnished with the salad and drizzled the tzatsiki on top.

It was lovely. Tasted naughty but with 1 chicken breast coming in at about 150 cal, the pitta about the same and few calories in the yoghurt dressing or salad I think the whole plate comes in at about 350 cals.

Will definitely be on the menu again and may even leave out the pitta when really pushing for it!

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I think you'll find chicken is 125 cals per 100g , which is roughly half one, it does look very tasty, and I'm pleased you made it yourself, such willpower

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These are the ones I bought:

The nutrition info puts them at approx 155kcal per breast but perhaps they are smaller than average. Either way, still not too bad in the calorie front and quite low fat. Will definitely become a favourite as was really nice! Can be tough coming up with exciting low cal and low fat meals. Finding that keeping the carbs low seems to work for me.

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Nsky24 in reply to RebLM

You did well! Lots of great recipes out there, enjoy x

That's a big YUM 😃😃😃😃🌺🌻🐝

Yoghurt spikes insulin That's not healthy.

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RebLM in reply to Concerned

Natural unsweetened yoghurt is perfectly fine. In moderation of course as with all things.

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Concerned in reply to RebLM

You don't agree with the insulin index then?

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RebLM in reply to Concerned

I believe in balance and moderation generally though for many years did not practice that hence the need to change and lose weight. Have healthy blood sugar, cholesterol and good BP so now generally just try to limit fat and carb in take to sensible levels and eat protein, veg, fruit etc in moderation. Going well so far.

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Concerned in reply to RebLM

How do you decide what a moderate amount is?

No I am not concerned and does not change my view on Yoghurt.

As I have issues controlling my blood sugar levels, my experience is that Yoghurt was not a food that affected my blood sugar levels. Professor Brand-Miller says in her last paragraph "Until studies are carried out to answer these types of questions, the glycemic index remains a proven tool for predicting the effects of food on health". As Sydney University are a leading group on GI index measuring and they list Plain Yoghurt as low GI then we should regard Yoghurt as a food that does not have the impact that you have raised as a concern.

The amount of Yoghurt that was used in this dish especially combined with a strong protein would be regarded as a low GL meal. In fact, the meal shown looks not only healthy, nutritious but appetising.


Nobody's disputing that yoghurt or baked beans are low Gi. It is acknowledged that there is a high-correlation between Gi and the insulin-index too.

I would be more concerned about excessive carbs especially refined and processed foods with evidence linking it to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

However, it is interesting that yoghurt caused such a spike.

I guess I use common sense to decide moderation. I make no excuses - I gained weight due to consuming too many calories (of all varieties) and having too sedentary a lifestyle. Now, I move more and eat less. I am not obsessive about calories but do rough calculations to keep breakfast and lunch under 300 and dinner around 400-600. I use a small plate to control portions and use a couple of healthy low cal snacks in the day if needed. Have lost 2 stone and 10lb now since mid May so happy with the return the change is giving me at the moment and importantly it's something I feel I can keep going with. Once I get to my target I intend to broadly exercise the 5/2 principle to allow a little more treats at the weekends (the odd glass of red wine) ensure that I use the weekdays to maintain the weight.

Looks amazing - a great alternative - well done for a great idea

Delicious! :)

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