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Low carb, High protein

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I have just recently started 10 days ago this type of healthy eating I’m being very strict and 8 must say I feel wonderful no bloating I need seriously to lose 3 and half stone as I weighed 15 stone and in 10 days I’ve dropped 6 pounds, I know this is water, but I still feel elated, I know that I’ve got a very long way to go, anyone else started this type of healthy eating, I walk approx one and half miles day and drink just over litre of water daily

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Well done Rubywoo6

Keep up the good work ! I’ve got zero willpower.

Best wishes


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Thankyou Kira after eating too much sugar rubbish for too many Years, and being on maintenance dose steriods continuously for 13 years I finally saw the light, after feeling so poorly as I have autoimmune liver disease, I gave my head a huge wobble and thought enough is enough

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Hello kiki64, I also have started a diet, the keto one, trying to eat less carbs is so hard. I lost 11 pounds over 4 weeks. I have found I am no longer being bloated and it feels good. Good luck and well done. Take care.

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Hello carolsos.

Sorry for late reply well done to you . Take care

To get the best from a low-carb approach, do make sure you're eating adequate fat with your meals - humans are not carnivores and can't use protein efficiently as a primary energy source. You don't need to slather everything in grease, but it's important not to (for example) use lean cuts of meat or low-fat products. And don't be afraid to use butter, cream, or added oils where the recipe calls for it.

If you don't do this you'll find yourself going rapidly downhill after a few weeks, most likely with overwhelming cravings for carbs or fat.

You might want to join the LCHF group here on HU? Lots of people there who have been doing low-carb for months or years and may be able to help if you hit any speedbumps.


Thankyou so much for your advice TheAwfulToad I will def join that group

Oh well done, I did try this myself. I was ultra strict and lost four and a half pounds albeit as you say water. I now try to eat around 60/70 carbs a day but it’s hard work. I have either porridge or one slice of wholemeal bread per day. That’s half my count. I would be very interested in your daily meal plan. Hope you reply

Thank you vacyone

The best way (the only way, IMHO) to go low carb is to nearly entirely give up grains, sugars, most fruit and starchy veg. If you want to keep eating grains like oats and wheat, then a low carb diet is not for you. You can benefit from eating less carbs, ok course. Oats are better than most breakfast cereals, and if you don't add sugars, that is better than if you did. And one slice of bread is better than two.

What kind of dishes do you do?

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