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Salmon and Veggies


Tonight for dinner I cooked salmon which I marinated in honey, soy and garlic and served it with mashed potato, carrots, cauliflower, broccolini and kale chips.

It was my first attempt at the air fryer kale chips and they were delicious. Here’s the recipe:

There was a fillet left over which I planned to have for lunch tomorrow. Our daughter and her super cute Groodle George are staying the night and whilst we were eating our dinner George decided to help himself to the fish. Cheeky thing!

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Well looks scrumptious your dinner Kaz!!!😍


Your meal looks and sounds delicious Kaz pets are very crafty when it comes to I bet George enjoyed his portion.

I’m interested in an air fryer so this looks encouraging. 😊

Kaz747Star in reply to Jerry

I have a number of friends who LOVE their air fryers. I’m still experimenting.

Butterckup in reply to Kaz747

I've been thinking about air fyers too. The price varies so much it's difficult to decide. Give us a heads up if you decide. Thanks.

How long did you marinate your salmon?

Kaz747Star in reply to whatgoingon

About 30-45 minutes.


Hi Kaz747 Your meal looks really good. Yum!

Zest :-)

Hello Kaz747, your marinated salmon sounds lovely.I love salmon fillets I'll definately try it next time.

I'm struggling with Groodle. I've got as far as a poodle cross bit I haven't worked out the other breed yet.

Kaz747Star in reply to Butterckup

Golden Retriever and Poodle :) He is gorgeous

Butterckup in reply to Kaz747

I bet he is.❤️

Sounds yummy Kaz Id skip the kale though as it kills my ibs.😀

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