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Ulcerative colitis and PIP

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I’ve recently been diagnosed with UC and been relatively ok, until I had a flare up and went to hospital. Now my physical health and mental health are really deteriorating, I’ve put a claim in for PIP, really didn’t want to, but feel it’s necessary now. Would like to know if others who have UC been able to get benefits? And what benefits? Etc etc... any similar story would help. Thanks guys!!

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Hello Amethyst1986 firstly welcome to the forum. I don't claim any benefits and I have microscopic colitis which means the individual cells so f my colon are prone to bleeding.

If it's any consolation to you I had real problems getting diagnosed as Dr's and specialist kept telling me I was too healthy to have anything wrong with me, before being told that I had a serious illness.

Really to me it's been learning to deal with the psychological aspects of living with internal bleeding as that can be distressing and depressing so how you feel is quite natural in my opinion and I think that if you have a disability you are entitled to support. You are not alone and thats is very important for you to remember.

Best of luck with this,

Jerry. 😊

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Amethyst1986 in reply to Jerry

Thank you for sharing your story! 😊

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Hi Amethyst1986

I don't have a story I can share, but I wanted to wish you the best with your claim for PIP, and hope that you are able to get suitable help.

Zest :-)

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Amethyst1986 in reply to Zest

Thank you so much!

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I don’t have a personal story to share either, but some hospitals will have a team who can advise on claiming benefits and what you might be entitled to, in my local nhs trust it comes under the “Customer Services” dept, so you could try asking at the hospital where you were diagnosed to see if there is anything similar.

Good luck and hope you soon find some relief from your symptoms. 🙂

On 31 October 2017 I was registered blind, I spent the next few months sorting out immediate issues, selling the car etc, I then applied for PIP, sending off with the form a copy of my Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI), having been born with glaucoma I have hospital appts for that, one was a few weeks before I had to go for the PIP assessment, the hospital letter from the check up states left eye blind, which I took with me to the assessment, what was I awarded.... Care nil, mobility nil, didn't appeal as I'd spent 5 months with my life being ruled by vision loss and I needed to walk away and leave it

O wow! I would definitely contest it! So many people cheat the system.. your story definitely sounds like you need some sort of help.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Jennymary

Hello Jennymary wow this sounds disgraceful and I am very sorry, it strikes me that you have the courage of your convictions, so good for you.

I am very pleased that you are posting on the forum and sharing your story your will get lots of support on here.

Jerry. 😊

I hear they do that to everyone and you have to ask for a Mandatory Review - for them to " look again " at your claim . Then go on to the next stage which is to ask for an appeal.


PIP (Personal Independence Payment) personal experiences from all types of illnesses, Emheath86: healthunlocked.com/search/p...

(There may be Ulcerative Colitis-specific experiences in those ‘search results’ if you’ve a chance to sift through the lot.)

There’s also a "Crohn's and Colitis Support" forum ( healthunlocked.com/crohns-c... ) that may have Ulcerative Colitis-specific PIP experiences. You can also post a query there. 👍👍

Wishing you swift answers, Emheath86. 😌 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞

[Aside: supplemental Ulcerative Colitis resources if interested: healthunlocked.com/healthye... ]


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Amethyst1986 in reply to Kai--

Thank you! X

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Kai-- in reply to Amethyst1986


🙏😌 . . . 👍👍


Hello Em,

I have IBD (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease). I am being treated by a marvelous GastroBoy who has me on a regime of antibiotics which are really working well. I adjust my Mediterranean diet according to what stays put, gave up alcohol which I found "abrasive" and listen to my gut and bowels. All is going really well. On top of these conditions I also have PF and RA which I also manage after 2 years of hell with organizing pneumonia. My tip is to stay positive by accepting and advocating. Work towards better outcomes. If you're not happy with you medics, get more opinions. Find the best gastroenterologist that is available. There are a licorice allsorts of quality in the medical profession. One size does jot fit all. Find the right size for you. There are really great clinicians out there, go find them. Ask loads of questions and don't accept second best. I have done this my entire life and I can happily say - It Works.

Chin up and go "sick 'em".


Thank you! I’ve got a brilliant specialist and IBD nurse who I can contact via email when I need. Also had dietician appointments, which were kinda helpful, but I really need to stick to what is good for my gut. Struggled abit over Xmas, but now finding it much easier to find out what is good and bad for me. What I really struggle with is the low energy/mood, aches and pains. I take a concoction of different meds and they seem to be working to an extent, but still struggle with a lot of day to day activities.

I am glad you are able to Finally find something that works for you! I could imagine it has taken years to get the right help!

Thank you so much for sharing and the positive vibes


Hi I have colitis and got no were with benefits, I’m lucky that I work in an office on my own so can get to the loo, good luck x

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Amethyst1986 in reply to Footsy

Thank you for letting me know, I’m still going to try, but I have no experience in an office environment. Feel that it may be quite hard for me to find work suitable. Will keep trying though!

Thanks again 😊😊

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Footsy in reply to Amethyst1986

Hope you start to feel better soon, I have my good days and off days, I have no choice but to work so I just battle on , really hope you get the help you need

Thanks Em,

I’m happy to be of some help. I find accepting your condition and realising you have some good and some bad days, is helping. When I get overwhelmingly tired, I either sleep or go somewhere fun and full of people. Inhale the vibes and chat to people. I walk with a cane, I have several that are colourful and sparkling. People come up and say “love your stick. Where did you get it?” Then we start chatting. I wake up. This keeps me going. Being isolated is very poor for my morale. I may bore everyone to snoring but I feel better. Have a laugh and be in life.


I’ve been isolating myself recently and I do think it has made me worse... I have been trying to get out, but do struggle with it. Have social anxiety and depression, but yes you are right getting out and seeing friends is great for the morale.

Just worrying a lot about finding work !


Hi I've Ulcerative colitis and got pip. When you get assessed, they either come to home or you have to go somewhere else . They look at more at how you cope your condition mentally than physically. Hope that helps a bit and good luck

How long did it take for you to be assessed?

It was a few months but when I was waiting to get assessed there was a backlog.

Ok thanks for letting me know

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Hi I had mild ulcerative colitis 6 years ago the specialist said it would come back if I didn't have meds for life I had bleeding and colon was thin just the lower end after putting myself on a special diet easy to digest foods like fish mask no rough fibre chamomile tea helped actimol yogurts for gut bacteria I had treatment for a stomach ulcer and by the time I saw specialist for steroid to sqwert up me it had gone I think it was extra mature chedder cheese so I read can cause bab bacteria which the body can attack itself and acid from my ulcer I feel caused it as it's heeled now I still have I b s, I avoid orange juice cabbage brocholli cauliflower I tend to stick to carrots and after a year I gradually came off my diet which was so strict no seeds or skin on potatoes I heeled my colon with help of the ulcer medication I'm lucky it seems to have been a one off except I do get pains from wind so again avoid food that causes it chamomile tea is relaxing u did get a sick note for 3 month's and claimed sickness benefit that's all best wishes

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