High calorie but healthy?

I have a health problem (Gilbert's Syndrome, for anyone interested) and I have been told to eat a high calorie diet, but how can I do that and not gain weight? I really like where I am right now, weight wise.

I run regularly (two or three times a week) and I like to think I'm pretty active. 

Any advice, recipes, etc would be greatly appreciated!


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  • look up the Dr Atkins' Diet Revolution, that is all about a high calorie way to get & stay thin

  • Take a look at the advice on here too gilbertssyndrome.org.uk/201...

  • Thanks!!

  • you are more than welcome 😊.  I hope they prove to be the answer you needed.

  • i would follow a high carb low fat whole foods (preferable vegan/low in animal products) diet to avoid weight gain! 

  • Like the first response says, Atkins has it right. Another site you can check out is dietdoctor.com. Lots of great info, recipes, etc there. People are finding out that fat isn't evil, fat is what fills you up and satisfies while it's the carbs that trigger insulin and thus weight gain. It's not too hard to lose weight on a high fat low carb diet- I've done it, my brother has done it, and apparently there are stories about people who have reversed diabetes this way. Good luck!

  • Thank you guys so much! I've made a few changes to my shopping list, and I think I'll buy Dr. Atkins book. 

    I'm going to try going for a low carb-regular/high fat diet, because I've had problems in the past when I was not eating enough healthy fats (skipping periods, worse fatigue, mood swings etc)

  • Hi I also have Gilbert's syndrome, I usually describe it as a liver enzyme deficiency as not many people have heard of it. I had problems with the sudden low blood sugars and shakiness for a long time but have solved this most of the time now by being much more sensible about eating regularly, carrying healthy snacks, and eating small portions of low GI carbs with enough protien and natural fat ( not quite LCHF but pointing in that direction) I'm not quite sure why you've been advised to eat high calorie unless you're actually underweight, but certainly it's not a good idea to try to loose weight with a very low calorie diet, nor do diets like 5:2 or intermittent fasting suit us as we need to try to keep blood sugars stable (which LCHF does very well, I just include a few more carbs as I get headaches without them). I would say try to eat as little processed food as possible so the liver has less hard work getting rid of additives. Good luck! ☀️

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one! It sucks, though. Yes, fasting really doesn't agree with me, as I found out the hard way. Well, I was actually underweight a while ago, and now that I've gotten to a healthy weight with a high cal diet I'm trying to maintain. 

    I was diagnosed about a year or so ago, after I started shaking, had jaundice and starting having random panic attacks. 

    What's LCHF? I'm intrigued 

  • Hiya, LCHF is low carb high fat. Yes the jaundice can be a pain especially after having a cold or other virus, yukky yellow eyes! But my usual low level of jaundice looks like a tan lol so I don't mind that! Luckily I've not had the anxiety symptoms that I know some get, just the jaundice, shakiness and fatigue, and occasionally stomach ache. I used to get cross with myself and not want to "give in" to the symptoms but of course that didn't help and I'm much better at managing them now. Unlike you I'm overweight, need to lose just under 2 stone, but can only cut calories a little without getting the shakiness back and it's very slow going so try to focus more on healthy eating.

  • the advantage of the LCHF diet is you don't have to count calories, just carbs.  Then, once you get to the weight you are aiming for you just gradually increase the amount of carbs till you are eating enough to maintain it.

  • Was just browsing and found health unlocked has a community called the British Liver Trust there are some posts about Gilbert's syndrome on there, it might be worth you posting the same question on that forum? Just joined it myself ☀️

  • Thanks! I'll check it out! Yes traditional weight losing techniques are troublesome for people with Gilberts, it seems. We can't fast or dramatically cut calories. 

    it'll happen though! Keep up the good work!

    Yeah, I know that's cliche and doesn't really help, but I'm really bad at encouraging people :P

  • rather than low GI look for foods with a low GI load - these have a much better effect on maintaining your sugar levels.

  • Thanks! What exactly encompasses a low GI food? I'm guessing the less processed the better....

  • GI - glycaemic index = how high in sugar

    GL - glycaemic load = how much effect that sugar will have

    Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load foodrenegade.com/glycemic-i...

    Which Fruits Have The Lowest Glycemic Load? adrenalfatiguesolution.com/...

  • Thank you so much!!!

  • You may find this site useful mrc-hnr.cam.ac.uk/research/...

  • Fran182716 and MK974 do either of you use dandelion at all?  All parts of the plant are edible and it makes a terrific tonic and detox.  It is very supportive of liver function.  The roasted root, ground, makes a very good substitute for filter coffee.

  • I hadn't thought of dandelion...we have quite a lot I'm our yard that are not sprayed with any sort of pesticide....Maybe I'll add some leaves to my next salad!

  •  ♫I like a nice cup of tea in the morning.... ♪


    Have you ever eaten clover flowers (or sucked the nectar of the bottom of the trumpet)?  I loved to do that as a kid.  For some reason no-one ever suggested doing the same with dandelion flowers and they are just as sweet if not better.

    Just be aware that the older the leaves are the higher their oxalic acid content, though not as high as that in carrots.  This won't be a problem except for someone with a sensitivity.

  • Good to know! I never did try clover flowers, we don't have very much around here

  • low cal high fat diet.cant beat it i have lost 4 stone been trying to lose weight for years,this is the only one that worked for me without feeling stressed out.

  • I melt organic peanut butter about half a mug of each with organic coconut oil spoon honey or ,agave then add unsulphunated apricots - the black ones dates or any dried fruit and any chopped nuts

    I'm sorry there's no measurements but when you add the fruit it needs to still be runny - set in the fridge

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