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Panisse is a meal made out of chickpea flour, it comes from the south of France. It got a really fine taste. Some people use it as an appetizer but I prefer using it to add some proteins in a salad. Italians have their polenta... french have their panisse. It's good... and it's very cheap to make.

You'll need

250 grams Chickpea flour

1 Litre of water

2 table spoon of olive oil

1 garlic clove

1 pinch of salt

Olive oil for cooking.

-Before making the recepie, take a loaf pan and line it completely with plastic film.

-In a good size pan, heat the water, the salt, the olive oil, the garlic clove and the salt.

-When the water comes to a boil take out the pan out of the burner and add your chickpea flour while whisking.

-When all the flour has absob the water, put the pan on the burner at low.

-Ifyour paste has to much lumps, you can take the hand mixer to get it smooth.

-Continue mixing on the low fire for 10 to 15 minutes till your paste stiffens.

-Pour the paste in the loaf pan, let it cool and place in the refrigirator for 1 hour.

It will become a very stiff "bread" that you can cut in slice and sear with a little bit of oil in a pan. When it becomes golden, youll have a crispy exterior and a creamy interior! It's delicious.

There is no limit with this recepie. You can add the spices and the herbs you like. Replace the water by a broth... anything goes as long as you respect the proportion of flour, liquid and the time to cook it.

And you can freeze the uncooked leftovers!


11 Replies
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....when I go off low carb.

Do you crush the garlic?

With the hand mixer it gets crushed!

Thanks. Another question: hand mixer? Is that electric beater/mixer?

It can be it or but after checking I would say I prefer to use an immersion hand mixer/blenderfor that recepie.


Hi SenateurDupont these look amazing I'll have to try some as I use chickpea flour a lot.

So thanks for sharing the recipe, as I'm very impressed. 😊


This looks and sounds great! I will try to do the recipe in a few days. Thank you for posting this for everyone.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

I can’t wait to try this! I never heard of this’s French?

This is very interesting. I love hearing about and trying new recipes and flavours. I'm going to give this a go. Thank you!😊🌱


This looks tasty! I will have to try it sometime.

Hi SenateurDupont

I hope to try this sometime, it looks delicious!

Zest :-)

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