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Severe constipation


I have been having severe constipation from childhood and often end up bleeding badly and to recover I need to lie down flat on my tummy for few hours, then I would feel better, next day I am back to square one after passing the stool. I can’t sit, unable to walk, etc., now I am 45, I do excercise, drink 4 -6 glasses of water at least, eat fibre content fruits, vegetables etc.,. The doctors couldn’t find anything when physically examined except swelling. Was prescribed lactulose which really works magic. If I discontinue the issue continues. I am not sure whether I just continue with lactulose the rest of my life. My gp is not willing refer me to the hospital... what treatment would be good in the long run please?

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Hi Shepherd23

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing discomfort from your severe constipation, and I know you've sought help from you GP, and maybe discussing your concerns again with him might be helpful, or seeking a second opinion perhaps?

There is some information in the NHS pages about Constipation, but I suspect you probably already looked at similar advice, but here is a link to the page, incase you want to have a look:

If you put the word 'constipation' in the search window of Health Unlocked, then you can see where other posts on the topic have been discussed, so maybe have a look at some of the replies there, to see if anything is helpful. I can see that the issue has been discussed many times across numerous communities.

I hope that you can find some relief from the discomfort, and would like to wish you the best for the weekend.

Zest :-)

First of all go for endoscopy, &always take the second opinion from other docters, might be the current one not able to diagnose, there might be some fistula issues, You can check this out for more info which i am sure would help you out

Have a good day & t k cr

Hi - that must be very worrying and uncomfortable but constipation is one thing, bleeding another - and something which needs investigation.

If you are constipated then piles which bleed are often a consequence but these are really easy to diagnose & treat with a simple exam.

Please seek a second opinion.

Gut health is crucial for general health & well-being so once you have had all clear from the doctors also look at gut flora, you can have a test which shows your flora profile - not available on NHS unfortunately but you do need help of a professional such as a Nutritionist.

Having been through all this over the years, diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis aged 27, got through without surgery, I now am very into gut flora & Nutrition, however, the ONLY thing that works for me as far as simple constipation is a Ayurvedic remedy called Triphala. I also now try take some fermented foods with every meal and despite all that, still occasionally get backed up and I have found that trauma & previous experiences also played a big part so working through those helped also.

Stress is the No1 inflammatory antagonist.

Please let us know how you get on. Best wishes CD.

have you had testingSome meds will cause this.

Take what the md prescribed you said it works.


Sorry to hear about your constipation, it can be very difficult to treat.

It can be the case that certain foods may cause constipation for some people, although these foods are usually regarded as healthy. I have found that too much of certain fibre will make me constipated. These are foods known as high FODMAPs. Perhaps have a look on line to see if this may apply to you.

If you have found that lactulose works for you, thank goodness for that.


I think your doctor is wrong to not send you for further investigations when you have bleeding every time you stop the lactulose. Diet is important, plenty of fluids, sufficient fat and fibre, and exercise, but it sounds like you need to find out if there is an underlying medical cause. Please seek a second doctor opinion. Hope you find some relief soon.

I sympathise as I have the same problem. I have recently tried stool softening medication with the ingedient Macrogol which is effective for me, and available over the counter. My GP has not given much helpful advice other than to take Senna, which is not very effective for me and not a long term solution. I will also try a psyllium supplement later on which is also meant to soften stools, and I'm taking prebiotics. I sometimes find it helps to prop up my feet when going to the loo. Good luck and let me know if you find anything that works.

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