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Severe constipation


I haven't been for a number 2 for 5 days now and I'm on a laxative called lactulose and having alot of water anyone have any ideas what I should do

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Hi Emily123456789 I am sorry to hear this and you must seek medical assistance/advice so here's the NHS 111 contact for this:



Hi Emily123456789, Jerry’s already given you the link for 111, you might also have a local walk-in GP clinic, we have one open nearby 8am - 8pm 7 days a week. You do need to see a Dr as you are already taking laxatives to no effect.

From a general point of view people often find gradually increasing fibre, getting enough fat, fluids and exercise can help keep things “regular “ also prunes due to their natural levels of sorbitol, but that’s for when you have sorted out your immediate problem. (I do wish nhs choices would make it clear this isn’t a forum for medical advice when they link to it from their constipation page as it’s misdirecting people who need medical assessment)

Good luck and hope you are soon feeling more comfortable 🍀

Thank you

When did you start the lactulose? It is a very mild laxative and can take a few days to work depending on the level of your constipation. Keep up with the water intake as it is essential to make sure you get the desired effect. Obviously if symptoms don’t improve as others have said seek advice, pharmacists are very knowledgeable and can direct you to the necessary pathway x

Thank you very much I'm in hospital now

Oh that’s not good, I hope you get better soon. X

Thank you

Hi get checked out by the Dr , exercise, hydration help. I started couch to 5 k , definitely helps me.

Good luck and hope you find help quickly.

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FatbuddyHigh Risk

Are you in UK ?? check out some Indian grocery store - get " TRIFALA " powder

also see -if you ahve "Ramdevbaba " - store in London - a herbal medicine store -

ask them for help- --try for week or two - -

Oh my gosh that stuff is the worst ask if you can take the medication that starts with an x your liver dr will

Know. Blessings

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