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Hi y'all.

I'm new here I thought I would share some health issues. Some of us have constipation

And I'm sure we have tried everything in the book. So I would like to share what I feel is the best and most natural stool softer. .

Avocado seeds. After eating the avocado take multiple seeds '4' and put them in the oven at 225 for 20 min. Take them out remove the paper like skin then dice it up as small as you can by hand let air dry for an hour then put in a blender. I use the magic bullet .match the amount with nature valley oat&honey bars.blend up real good refrigerate when finished. Use in smoothits

On mashed potatoes. What ever you see fit to mix in.. eat at least 4 tbl spoons every other day.. you will be amazed plus it's healthy as heck.. the avocado is one of the healthiest berries out there. It


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8 Replies

  • Hi Welder,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences - and welcome to the Healthy Eating forum.

    Zest :-)

  • I bought magnesium tablets for my husband as I heard that they would help him sleep. He hasn't had any benefit from them in that area, but they have cured his constipation problem.

  • Would you kindly tell me which magnesium tablets yoy bought?....So many different ones on the market!

  • Vitarenew. Magnesium 375mg. Two a day. They say bone health on them. I doubt if the company name matters as long as the dosage is the same.

  • Thanks - and really good price!!!!

  • Try flax seeds with water, much more labour saving

  • Sounds great! Copying down your "recipe". Thank you, I did hear of avocado seeds recently, and constipation seems to be a problem today, but, didn't realize it would help constipation as well! I would also suggest one cut out any and all processed foods, and have a whole-food (organic as possible) diet. What you take in affects many things.

  • Eat porridge. Unlikely to be constipated if you do.

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