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Celery juice

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I have been reading up about the the new wonder plant celery and how 8ozs of celery juice in the morning has fantastic healing properties for things like the liver and auto immune system. You need a juicer to get the most out of the plant and not add ANYTHING to it, not even water.

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Yes, amazing celery. So many good properties for the body. Another superfood. I attribute much of my recovery from arthritis down to celery and cucumber juice. If I ever get a horrible reaction from some foods than that is my goto recovery food.

Always get organic if possible.

It doesn't take much chewing to get the full benefits from celery or cucumber or any other fruit and vegetables.

All that waste of energy.

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Hi slopbog

Your post reminded me that I have some Celery in my fridge, so I enjoyed some as a crunchy snack - and really enjoyed it. :-)

Zest :-)

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Sounds like a good idea since I don`t have my own teeth anymore!

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I have viewed a Youtube video with Anthony Williams about the amazing properties of pure celery juice with nothing added even water. Have you tried it and did you get any benefits from it?

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benwl in reply to PhilFreeToAsk

I wouldn't trust anything he says, do you want to follow health advice based on science, or someone who claims to receive messages from the spirit world?


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PhilFreeToAsk in reply to benwl

Science cannot explain everything yet or will ever be able to. If it did why is there so much scientific research carried out if everything is known?

It was a perfectly innocent question asking for people’s experience of celery juice. I doubt whether there is any rigourous scientific evidence to explain Andywarbs benefit of drinking celery and cucumber juice. If so I would be interested in the conclusions. Andywarbs can evaluate from his own experience of its benefits for his health. So if celery juice has been beneficial to anyone, I would like to hear about. Any takers?

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slopbog in reply to PhilFreeToAsk

I have been juicing celery every morning for the last 3 months as I have auto immune problems. I have noticed my energy levels have risen, my skin is clearer and palpitations have lessened.

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PhilFreeToAsk in reply to slopbog

Thanks for your experiences. How delighted you must be with these results. I am considering trying some just to see what effect it would have.

Do you drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning? I only have a blender and was wondering whether blending it then sieving it will be OK?

When you starting taking it did you experience any side effects?

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slopbog in reply to PhilFreeToAsk

HI Phil

I have a nutribullit blender and then sieve it through a muslin style bag ( you have to squeeze it too) I chop it all up the night before and put it in the fridge then whizz and sieve in the morning. A whole celery is ideal but start off with half to get use to it. Leave it 20 mins before eating or drinking anything else ! Good luck

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PhilFreeToAsk in reply to slopbog


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👍👍 Ditto. Yes, yes, & yes! 🤗

Thank you for talking about Celery Juice & its benefits, slopbog. 🙏 😌

Bit more on "celery juice": google.com/search?as_q=%22c...


Yes, needn’t add any water 💧🚰 can merely user juicer* to squeeze out juice from celery stalks. (*Centrifugal juicers 🌪 & auger/masticating juicers ⚙️⚙️ ( en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juicer ) are typically used.)

As variation on a theme 🎶 , we can also add cucumber 🥒 juice to celery juice. 😋 And, we can even add cabbage juice to the celery/ cucumber juice to make celery/ cucumber/ cabbage drink. 😯

[Some find these juices yuck 😝 🤢 🤮 , some find them yum 😋. (Maybe the longer we drink it the more we slide toward yum 😋 ?. . . 🤔 💭 . . . No end ♾ to ‘the variations on a theme’ — the types & number of veg (& fruit for palatability sweetness/ flavour) — that we can concoct.]


For folks who’s digestive systems can’t quite handle that much (celery) fibre, juicing is a practical/ ideal alternative for safely ingesting the nutrients without the fibre. 👍 And, for folks who’s digestive system can handle fibre, celery (& other fibrous veg) can also be used ‘whole’ in blender drinks/ smoothies🍹.

"No harm, no foul" in enjoying juicing and/or blenderising and/or eating whole/ raw/ cooked. Each has its benefits depending upon our body’s ability to digest & our unique dietary needs & unique condition(s). 👍👍

[Bit more on ‘juicing’: • healthunlocked.com/cure-art...healthunlocked.com/nras/pos... ]


Thank you, again, slopbog. A tasty celery juice toast 🥂 to good health! . . .☺️ 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


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