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Fry's Vegan Sausage Roll


With the New Year getting into full swing a many places are coming out with new vegan foods. I have just eaten a Fry's Vegan Sausage Roll (microwaved for 30 secs) which was surprisingly palatable. I had hoped to try a Gregg's one but unable get one today. So instead A fry's one was available in Sainsbury's for a £1.

I have the packaging in front of me and the list of ingredients looks not too bad. Yes, it starts with filo pastry and that is made with refined flour and yes there are some things I don't understand eg listed as "glycerides" and other odd words that bear no relationship to real food. That said the list has some recognisable ingredients such as oregano, thyme.

Having eaten it, my mouth has a greasy clawing feeling, and so I won't be repeating the experiment any time soon. But if, say I was at a motorway service area and trapped with hunger and no other choices I would not say no to one.

But as far as food goes, this is not what I call food. There is no whole food in this. It is full of poor quality carbs and fat and I think anyone who ate these regularly should expect it to encourage their body towards chronic illnesses over the long term.

Is it healthier than a meat-based sausage roll? Well, whether you make sausage rolls yourself or buy them they will almost inevitably contain processed red meats contain nitrates which are linked to cancer. So on that indicator the Fry's one wins. But my guess otherwise it is going to be a close call. Both are going to be high in salt, fat and both highly processed.

So overall this gets a thumbs down from me. If I get to eat a Gregg's one I guess I will come out with a similar assessment. But for now my body needs some real food, real nutrition - and perhaps some mouthwash!

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Wow! That's a great food review, andyswarbs! :-) It gave me something to keep in mind when I can go out in the next few days (after I get rid of this cold). Thank you for sharing this with us.

hoping you get well soon Activity2004. love grace xoxo

Activity2004Administrator in reply to grace111

Thank you! I plan to get some tea and a nap in soon. I hope you're doing well. :-)

🤗 💤☕️

Activity2004Administrator in reply to grace111

Don't worry! :-) I got most of my work done for next week coming up and plan to get some rest in a little bit.

ZestStar in reply to Activity2004

Hope your recover soon from your cold, Activity2004

Zest :-)

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Zest

Thank you for the get well wishes, Zest! :-)

Hi Andy. It’s a shame you didn’t like it but I’m not that surprised. I think if you ate like that more often you would get used to the textures but not a healthy way to live or eat long term.

Do you have a healthier, more wholesome version you would recommend? I sometimes make the pastry myself and then fill it with a herby mushroom nut filling which is quite tasty. Although it’s only usually around Christmas that I would have something like that.

Ali 🌱🙂

It occurred to me that I ought to try to create a pasty from the normal stew that I make. I just need to find a way of wrapping it in a no-oil pastry. A chapati comes to mind as a starting point. Time for some research on that subject, otherwise no quick answer.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to andyswarbs

Chapatis are usually like burritos?

PenelModerator in reply to andyswarbs

Perhaps a chickpea flour pancake/ flatbread?

ZestStar in reply to andyswarbs

I bet you'll come up with something tasty, Andy.

Zest :-)

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