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Deep frying with sunflower oil



I deep-fried for the first time with sunflower oil, i’ve read that this might be bad for your Health when it hits 180°C, I’m quite a hypochondriac so this was the first and last time I deep-fried with this oil.

I was juist wondering if it’s bad if I did it just once at 170°C?


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Apparently the best thing to fry with is animal fat. It reaches a high temperature and doesn’t produce carcinogens. Also it doesn’t absorb into the food as much. Not everyone’s cup of tea but worth a try.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

But I shouldn’t worry about using the sunflower oil once?

No. You shouldn’t use it more than once. I use lard now. I went back to it as I don’t fry that often so I don’t think it’s unlikely to impact my health.

cheritorroxLCHF in reply to Jarne1404

One off won't harm you even if they say it's bad for you. Personally I use extra virgin olive oil for everything and have never had any problems with pan frying (even in the days I used to eat chips!). Years ago used to use sunflower oil for deep frying and didn't notice any ill effects (but wasn't health conscious then). EV olive oil is definitely better for you.


Hi Jarne1404

You may also find this information interesting, it's from the BBC and talks about an experiment that Michael Mosely was involved in organising for the programme:

Zest :-)

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ZestStar in reply to Hidden

Olive oil is also my preferred choice too. :-)

Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to Zest

This is the programme and the chart which helped me decide what fats to cook with, so for higher temp frying which I don't do often so I only buy a small bottle I use refined rapeseed or olive oil. For a quick gentle sautee I'd use butter or EVOO depending on what taste goes better with the food im cooking. I know more quality research needs to be done but this is the knowledge that's available to us at the moment so I'll continue till we know more!

ZestStar in reply to Fran182716

Me too! :-)


Sunflower oil high in o6. Bad for frying. Lots of antioxidants are generated on heating saffola beyond its smoke point.

Jarne1404 in reply to suramo

But is it also as bad when it's only used once with a lot of ventilation, at 170 degrees celcius and only for 15 minutes? I'm surely going to change oil, but I'm just quite concerned after having used it once

suramoStar in reply to Jarne1404

Using once or a few times doesn't harm so much but it's regular use and reuse is not recommended. Using ventilation doesn't mak any difference. 36% pufa and 46% mufa. It's also high inn o6, an agent of inflammation.


you need to stop obsessing! a one off event is not going to harm you .it is continuous and regular use as suramo says that could ( COULD not WILL ) cause problems

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