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When is a sausage not a sausage? Parliament to debate the labelling of sausages...


Hi everyone, this is not fake news its because of the rise in meat alternatives so this is an EU wide political issue.

Basically with the massive rise in interest in veganism followed by worries of health and the effect on the weather with over consumption of red meats, many people now avoid meat more often so coupled with the rise of interest in all things plant based the EU and UK Parliament are to debate "What is a sausage" With the US sending 1000 more troops to the Middle East and the Brexit fiasco it's good to know that the British banger is up for a debate...

A nice vegan gluten free sausage with tomatoes and mushrooms on toast would help make a great plant based brexit...But I'm just a simple foodie...

Here's a couple of articles:



I have an unofficial press release of big Boris practising yoga on one leg before tonights tv debate, this may be fake news...😁

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So is this going the way of dairy alternatives, in that we're not allowed to call vegan cheese alternatives "cheese"?

I'm not too fussed about using the same names, if the food item can be used in the same way. So long as you're clear about what you're offering on the menu/packaging, there's no problem. I can't imagine many people are that fussed about the whole thing!

JerryAdministrator in reply to Cooper27

Spot on Cooper 😊

andyswarbs in reply to Cooper27

Clear labelling is a must. I see some meat brands mixing more and more plant protein in their meat products I think with the tag line "plant powered." Wierd.

Cooper27Moderator in reply to andyswarbs

Yes, Tesco have done this with meatballs. It wasn't immediately clear if they were meat or plant (probably what these petitions are getting at!), but a quick look at the label is all it took to find out. It's not hard.

benwl in reply to andyswarbs

It seems outrageous to me that they are putting "plant powered" for meat products. I realize it's not a legally protected term so they are entitled to do so, but I'd hope there would be a big backlash.

What I don't like about this is that it assumes people are so stupid we won't be able to tell whether a sausage or burger contains meat or not. We can read the ingredients list and decide for ourselves if it's something we are happy to eat or not. For years (probably centuries) people have eaten delicious Glamorgan sausages which contain eggs and cheese, but no meat, so are vegetarian though not vegan, and they could understand that the word 'sausage' referred to the shape rather than to the ingredients.

Just thinking about Glamorgan sausages has made me fancy some for dinner and fortunately I have cheese, eggs, thyme and leeks in store. This article from the Guardian a few years ago gave me the recipe I prefer:


JerryAdministrator in reply to Marijo1951

I thought that I'd miss heard it when it was on the news...these Glomorgan sausages look amazing and I really fancy some too so you enjoy yours for tea very healthy and tasty. 😊

Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to Marijo1951

Thank you for this link, I’ve saved the recipe, these sound amazing. Leeks do not agree with me but I can easily substitute spring onions. 😀

Yes, they would probably be just as nice. By the way I agree with the writer that a bit of nutmeg makes them extra nice.


Hi Jerry

I like your photo of the goose and the ducks, and regarding a debate on Sausages - I'm not sure I'll be attending the debate.

Zest :-)

JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Thanks Zest, the goose is a local character now. And we elect MP's/EuroMP's and they debate sausages...😊

Marijo1951 in reply to Jerry

To be fair it's because of pressure from the meat industry in many countries. The regulations about straighter bananas came about because of pressure from supermarkets including British ones.

What a laugh 😂 Are "vegetarian burgers" confusing consumers? tells you all you need to know doesn’t it! Thanks Jerry. Gave me a laugh 🤣

JerryAdministrator in reply to Agoodenough

Me too Ali...😂

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