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How do I avoid my terrible sweet tooth, if I avoid sweet thing e.g. chocolate I go crazy and end up binge eating it more.

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Have you seen your doctor or a Nutritionist for figuring out your diet plan?

Thing is I’m a healthy weight I have a BMI of 23.4 so they don’t think I need to lose weight. But I just want to be a tad bit slimmer.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Areeba_x

I will send you a message in a few minutes. It’s okay!😀👍

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I have sent a message right now. Please check your private messages on HU.😀👍

With that BMI I would not be thinking about losing weight. I'd be increasing exercise to become more trim.

Hi Areeba_x

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum - I see you are already at a healthy BMI - and regarding chocolate - maybe try to limit it rather than abstain completely - I usually have 25g (4 small pieces) of dark chocolate after my main meal - with a cup of coffee and I really savour it - and then I don't feel deprived, and there are antioxidants in dark chocolate.

Zest :-)

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Areeba_x in reply to Zest

Ok that sounds like a good plan

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cheritorroxLCHF in reply to Areeba_x

The "good for you" dark choc is not very sweet but try & get used to it (80%+ cocoa is best)

one way i think helps avoid those sweet tooth binges is to eat regular meals and not let yourself get hungry. bananas are very good to for a sweet tooth. lots of fruit will help, things like dates if you like those. if i dont have regular meals i can binge on sweets and then feel guilty. Its the hidden fat inside we know must be there even although we are slim. i saw news reader Anglea Rippon on a tv show and she is lovely and trim looking yet they found so much hidden fat inside her even she was shocked. you can only try. wishing you very well. love grace xoxo

Hi Areeba,

My strategy for when cravings start is to take 2 x capsules of these:

Garcinia 1000 - Garcinia Cambogia 1000mg | Vegan & Vegetarian Capsules | 1 Month Supply | 60 Garcinia Cambogia Capsules

If you can supplement with chromium too - this will help reduce sweet tooth cravings.

Failing that, if you really 'must' eat, have around 100g lean protein, to fill you up.

Best regards


Use sweet spices and dried fruit wherever possible as a substitute for sugar. Perhaps make your own dark chocolate using creams with plant stenols and spices to sweeten, that helps me.

If you want to get off the chocolate spiral.....I would go will lose the craving!

Agree w/redspot. I found the best way to stop sugar cravings was to cut ALL of it, and I mean ALL. In your brain, sugar is like cocaine, and you are addicted, and it amazing what happens when you stop.

But, the way I did it was to start out by allowing some stevia and swerve (and there is a new one called allulose). At least for me, that stuff did not activate the addiction, but it did satisfy some of my desire for sweet--I still have slightly sweet coffee, for example. Some folks might object, but it worked for me!

I think they are saying now that sugar is bad for you, no matter how thin you are. I am very thin now too (because of LCHF) but BMI has nothing to do with it--you are better off getting it out of your life. Once you've cut the addiction, then maybe you can add it back, and be in control!

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Areeba_x in reply to amykp

What did you do when cravings did come?

That's when the "artificial" stuff helped. I often would make myself a big cup of mocha coffee--that's coffee plus a tbs unsweetened cocoa powder plus sweetener of choice (splenda for me) plus HEAVY CREAM. LOTS.

Or, a can of diet root beer or cream soda also with a generous dash of heavy cream--kind of like an ice-cream float without the ice-cream.

I am on a keto diet so I have all the fat I want--and for me, that helps, maybe because it is so filling. That mocha coffee--OMG--I am so full after I drink it I don't want anything else. (And, BTW, I had a friend who didn't like coffee and did it with chai tea bags--just the tea, heavy cream, and sweetener.) The other thing about these tricks is that they are quick--I can grab them BEFORE I give into something else. You can always bake yourself some complicated keto dessert recipes--I can point you to some of those--but they take time!

Be wary of "sugar-free" candy though, because it is often made with maltitol and apparently that is actually absorbed.

One more thing: you can't really eat all that fat AND eat high carb or I suspect you will really gain weight!

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This post is 9 months old, so the OP is unlikely to see it. I see this exact reply has been posted in multiple places, so I'm skeptical whether the link is safe to click on!

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