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Please Help me. Is intermittent fasting helpful or not?

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I was reading an article that I found really helpful. The advises given are very accurate and helpful but I wanted to ask about intermittent fasting. If intermittent is not worth it then why people follow it along with their keto diet?

My fellow lost 15kgs with the keto diet and intermittent fasting over a year.

I want to know because I have been fasting and I'm not sure if it's effective or not.

Please help me out because I so desperately want to lose weight.

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Hi jessicjames there is a community for IF so why don’t you check Fasting and Furious out. (the link was to a clinic advertising weight loss so I’m sorry but that had to be removed)

Thank you,


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HEY! Thanks. Let me check!

IF can help us to reset our relationship with food and by going 14 hours or more without food puts our bodies in fat burning mode. Healthy eating with adequate exercise is the answer to regaining your weight and we will help and cheer you on.

Jerry. 😊

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I recall hearing a podcast on this a while ago, which you might find helpful:

The advice was to start with intermittent fasting to help regulate blood sugars. When you then go on to adopt a keto diet, you can then achieve ketosis more efficiently.

Other opinions do suggest that this may not be the best approach for women, as it can help to up carbs at certain points in the cycle to help with estrogen levels.

We're all individuals, so you can experiment to see what works best for you.

Michael Moseley promotes various forms of this and has written many books on the subject

IF works without the need for eating keto. I lost almost 2stones several years ago using IF.

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