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Losing weight to help with AF


Hi... Just joined... I'm already in another forum, on atrial fibrillation, and several of us were saying we wanted to lose weight and eat healthily as part of our plan to be healthier and keep the AF at bay. One of our number found this forum, and several of us intrepid sorts said we'd join. We're hoping to pick up handy hints on how to shift the weight! I seem to stick at a weight and not move down, partly due to an unholy sweet tooth and partly due to lack of willpower!


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Hi Lis, thanks for the suggestion to check out this group!

I think it was CDreamer's idea to start with but I'm here too :D

Hmmm. My first reply vanished. I'm here too, Lis!

*Waves* Hi Grandma! :)

Thank you bigleg, I will check it out! And I'm looking forward to looking over the site.


Welcome Eatsalottie

Eatsalottie in reply to SimoneHU

Thanks Simone :)

I have just skipped over fron the Atrial Fibrillatio (AF) forum as I'm looking to lose weight, 3 stones in fact. So I'm going to trawl through and get some tips/advice on the best way forward. I really believe a healthy diet and weight loss can help with this condition. Nice to see some familiar AFers names on here! The AF forum has really been supportive and I'm sure the Healthy Eating will be just as supportive.


Eatsalottie in reply to Ginnik

Hi Ginnik! Yes, that's about what I need to lose too. I keep trying to forget it when I leave the train but it stays with me (haha). I'm going to try to do the same because I do believe it will help.


Hi Lis - Well if we can't lose it on the train, we have to lose it somewhere else

...... And no contacting "lost property". Ginni

Eatsalottie in reply to Ginnik

Tee hee :D

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