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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anybody has any tips for me. I have recently lost 5 stone in roughly 4 months due to eating less and moving much more however, I’m struggling to lose the remaining 3-4 stone. I have not got a structured routine where I eat 3 healthy meals. I feel I’m some what of an emotional eater and tend to get stressed throughout the day and wings and chips is often my go to food. I desperately want to try loads of new recipes but for some reason I’m unmotivated to do so and end up with convenience food. Due to my weight-loss as well as having a baby my belly is sagging, I’ve tried many at home workouts which I stuck to daily but for some reason I also gave that up. I feel I could easily reach my goal weight if I had a gym partner because I can’t get over my fear of going to the gym or going for a run alone.

Could anybody help me with



Motivation tips

And any other help will be welcomed . Thanks for your time 💖

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Hi Tanya-T

Welcome to the Healthy Eating forum, and I would like to Congratulate you on losing 5 stone in weight - that is incredible, and I can see you're hoping to lose some more weight, to achieve your goal.

We do have quite a few Topics and Pinned posts which include subjects that might be helpful - e.g. recipes, some exercise topics and participating in the forum can make motivation greater (at least I find that to be the case, speaking for myself) - and I would also like to recommend perhaps looking at the NHS weight loss forum - a link to that forum is here:


They have regular weekly weigh-ins, activities, recipes, and similarly motivating posts, so I would say - participate in both forums, and then you'll have lots more support for your personal journey towards achieving your goals.

If you like Running, and Strength exercises then there are other forums too - i.e. Strength and Flex forum, Couch to 5km forum etc - so have a look around, and join whatever interests you. I can see that you don't want to necessarily attend a gym or go for a run alone, but there are other ways to get the exercise in - for example by constructing some kind of circuit at home, or watching some fitness videos or u-tube videos. There are some great walking ones too.

These are just suggestions, and I hope this is helpful to you.

Good luck with your remaining weight loss, and I wish you the best.

Hope to see you around.

Zest :-)

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Good morning Tanya-T, first I have to say well done you losing 5 stone is no mean feat and I think you have to look at other ways to deal with stressed emotions as eating high calorie fast food is short term gratification with long term suffering.

So my tips are keep it up and try and change how you see food and go for healthy options and smaller portions.

As for the gym when you're at the gym you'll be in your own little world and surrounded by people with similar fears as not everyone using a gym is super fit so my advice is take a deep breath and join a gym because it's taking the first step and you've already lost 5 stone so you can do it. I would imagine that once you join you'll meet others who feel the same and you'll motivate each other.

Think positively about yourself and pat yourself on the back for what you've achieved and decide to treat yourself when you reach your goal with something special that shows your new look. And celebrate what you've achieved already that should be very motivating and don't be afraid to remind yourself of what you've achieved.

As for meals we have lots under our topic section and I'd look for healthy options of your favourite choices.

So very well done and you're on your way to achieving your goal so keep it up and you will get lots of encouragement form others on here and the weight loss forum.

Jerry 😊

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