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Optimum month for weight loss?

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Optimum month for weight loss?

I need to lose one and a half stone and have started looking at the recipes on the NHS website. I am new here . Anyone got any tips? I know we are all different and what works for one wont work for another!

11 Replies
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Hi Sophie 121, welcome to healthy eating.

I'm not too sure there is such a thing as an optimal month to lose weight. I think winter months can be harder, because our bodies want to preserve energy during that period, but if you are looking to lose weight, you're as well starting any time.

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Sophie121 in reply to Cooper27

Thanks. Interesting about harder in winter.

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Hi Sophie121

Welcome, and I hope you are having an enjoyable week so far. I agree with Cooper27 about might as well start any time - whenever you start, I would like to wish you success with your goals.

Zest :-)

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Sophie121 in reply to Zest

Hi Zest

Thank you for that. Its so hard when I enjoy food so much!

Hello Sophie121 welcome to the community and I think now as you want to lose weight you’ve taken the first step joining us and introducing yourself so my advice is to think about making your favourite meals as healthy as possible use smaller plates for a smaller portion and take things one day and one meal at a time and with exercise you should be able to lose weight and feel fitter and healthier which will keep you motivated.

Thanks for introducing yourself and you’re in great company for all things healthy eating so I hope you enjoy being a member of our friendly community.

Jerry 😊

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Dr Michael Mosley is running a program 'lose a stone in 21 days' through a mixture of diet and exercise. The program was on channel 4 last night, (Wednesday ), at 9.00 pm, as well as the week before and is an ongoing series.

He also has a website and has written several books aimed at diabetics (type 2) and claims a high success rate in getting people into remission, if they can motivate themselves to stay with it.

Full of interesting comments- 'can you stand on one leg with your eyes shut for 8 seconds?'

Can you do an easy set of exercises that don't need a gymn? or do you intend losing 5% of your muscle mass every 10 years?

The typical male Brit manages to get through 3.500 calories a day - needs a maximum of 2500. The old traditional heavy industry diet doesn't match modern reality?

Sales of biscuits have doubled in the last 5 months...

His message is that you don't cut down on protein - your muscles need it. Some fat is required for absorbing vitamins - so some fat is needed.

He proposes a low carb diet (not low veg), regular gentle exercise and a distinct need for blood sugar checks. Ripe banana - before sugar level 4.4 30 minutes after 7.4, so not a fan of sweet fruit.

Will exercise do it? If you can go for a 35 mile run, you will lose 1 llb of fat, - not really sustainable, so the diet has to do the heavy lifting along with some exercise to keep it off.

It is an interesting program and well worth watching.

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StillConcerned in reply to Ianc2

All mammals need a high-fat diet as the outcome of what they eat.

Whereas great apes have over half of their digestive system as hind gut (the bacteria converting the fibrous vegetation to fat), we only have 17% as hind gut, and are designed to eat most of our energy directly as natural fat.

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Sophie121 in reply to StillConcerned


Thanks for that info - thinking I need to get out some biology and chemistry books to try to learn and understand digestion conversion!

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StillConcerned in reply to Sophie121

We don't need to over-complicate things. The real issue is that we've all been given misinformation for at least the past 100 years, usually with the best of intentions by most people.

Pre-agriculture, we would get most of our energy from the fattiest animals, breaking open bones for marrow for example.

These days, we can measure how much carbohydrate the body uses, and when they have they find that most people's body typically uses between 480 and 640 kcal per day; half the current RDA.

So, we don't need to go to the extreme of a ketogenic diet, but neither is a high-carbohydrate diet good for us. We just need to understand/redefine what a moderate amount is, not based on what we've learned from our family, our friends, our neighbours, nor certainly current healthy eating guidelines.

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Sophie121 in reply to StillConcerned

Totally agree. It is very interesting. Thank you.

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Thanks for both comments and thank you Administrator. Constructive advice much appreciated. Taking my time, applying my mind to my goal. I will def watch that programme back. Someone close passed away due to diabetes type 2 so its really hit home what diet and exercise can do. I have found the hot weather too hot to workout in but as its cooler this morning after doing jobs can start again. I do walks for one hour a day and go on an exercise bike while watching the news. I am 12 stone and 5 ft 4! My waist is 34 inches relaxed, and I am going through menopause. Have a good day all.

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