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Vegetable curry with black rice red quinoa and crispy chick peas on top...🌢

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Hi everyone,

Here's a curry I made and I used 1/3 black rice to 2/3 red quinoa, I cooked the black rice for longer and it likes a good soak but has great flavour.

The curry I used baby sweet peppers hot chilli white onion baby tomatoes pak choi (Chinese cabbage) with fresh coriander dried coriander cumin ginger turmeric black pepper and a little Tamari (GF soy sauce) smooth peanut butter golden linseeds and chia seeds which thickens it up as well as being nutritious.

Just to give a bit extra I gently crisped some cooked chick peas in a little olive oil and scattered them on top, this is great instead of croutons.

This is gluten free and plant based so free from everything but nutrition...πŸ™‚

I think black rice is an alien colour but I do like its texture so its an odd looking meal.

3 Replies

Looks yummy Jerry 😊

Looks fab


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