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Baked Veggie's πŸ₯¦ in avocado πŸ₯‘ and cream cheese sauce.

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Hi Foks,

I saw a lovely recipe for avocado soup with cream cheese and I was going to make some but wanted something more filling so baked some of my favourite veggies in a cream cheese and avocado sauce.

I gently par cook all the veg: avocado, broccoli (tender stems), sweet potato onion, garlic, fennel, sweet peppers, chilli, chestnut mushrooms, in a little olive oil to soften and then I added some chia seeds, 150g cream cheese, and I gave it a tickle with a pinch of ginger and added some coconut milk, mixed it thoroughly put it in a casserole dish and topped with grated sweet potato and a little parsley, then I had things to do so let it slow bake on low for around an hour. The top was really nice and crispy too...😊

And enjoy your evening and please keep the photo's coming as they're great.

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looks really appetising jerry and very colourful. xoxo

in reply to grace111

Thank you Grace, I enjoyed it too...😊

That looks absolutely awesome. I have some fennel growing on the roof and couldn't really think of anything to do with it :) Maybe I'll give this a try.

Hey thanks, now fennel growing on the roof sounds interesting, I cook fennel sliced like I do onions and I bake them whole...😊

TheAwfulToad profile image
TheAwfulToad in reply to

just to be clear, I don't mean literally ON the roof ... I live in an apartment block with a flat roof, and I keep growing tubs up there with veggies in them :)

in reply to TheAwfulToad

Sounds good to me, I still like the thought of a roof covered in veggies...😊

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TheAwfulToad in reply to

Believe it or not, that's a thing. Google "green roof". Seems a bit impractical to me, but people without much ground area apparently make it work.

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Hather in reply to TheAwfulToad

Lol πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Sounds very interesting to me, Hidden!πŸ˜€

Wow, that looks soooooo delicious!!! :-)

Zest :-)

Thank you Zest, I did enjoy it 😊

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That looks and sounds good Jerry, I often add chopped or mashed avocado to things but have never cooked it, another new idea to try! πŸ˜€

Thanks Fran avocado's are great cooked as well as mashed 😊

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