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Healthy food for tender stomach

My wife has just come out of hospital after 3 weeks of treatments regarding her lung cancer, none worked but at least we got rid of the chest infection and pneumonia but unfortunately her sodium levels are still a bit low. We need to build her strength up so we can restart her chemo programme but she is unable to keep anything down, does anyone know of any meals that will be light enough to sit on her stomach without agitating it to the point she brings it up. Protein filled and vitamins would be a good start for her.

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Hi Hidden,

I hope your wife is feeling comfortable now she's back home. Glad to hear that her pneumonia and chest infection have resolved, but sorry to hear she's low on sodium.

In addition to the advice from your hospital and medical practitioners, maybe have a look at the MacMillan Cancer support website, which has some recipes, and maybe give them a ring on their helpline to get some suggestions as well?

I hope it's helpful to you, and wishing your wife all the best now she's back home with you.

Zest :-)

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Hi I tried macmillan and got a number I could ring to arrange an appointment with a dietician but my wife had just fell ill so we couldn't make any appointment but I will go back to that number as I had forgot about it. Thanks for that Zest

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Please try to get the appointment set up for this coming week, if possible. Also, please let us know what both of you find out very soon.

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This week may be a bit difficult especially when it means my wife has to attend and isnt in the strongest of positions but i think they will come to you after a week or so depending how busy they are.

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Okay. As long as she gets seen soon.

Hi Marley,

I have been ill for a couple years now. My go to is bone broth, easy to digest and full of nutrition. You can use chicken or beef bones plus any vegetables you have on hand, carrots, onions, garlic, kale, spinach etc. . Stew several hours in a big pot or slow cooker then strain through a clean rinsed towel in a strainer. Store in jars in the refrigerator. Just drink warm like it is or add noodles or rice.

I really feel for your wife and wish you both the best.

Blessings, Karen

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Thank you very much for that Karen ill give it a go for her.

What type of foods did you wife like to eat? It's important to try to tempt her to want to eat something. Soups & smoothies are easy to swallow, but being high in fibre, might make some difficult to digest. Perhaps something like a custard: the real kind made with eggs & cream or milk would be easy to eat & digest as the eggs are cooked gently. Pannacotta is similar in composition, as is creme brulee. The sugar in these might give your wife a little energy & help her cope with eating more. I also remember from O-level cookery that lightly toasting bread turns the starch into sugar , which makes it easy to digest. Might a soft boiled organic egg with some dippy soldiers be a comfort food? Or mashed potato with a little cheese.

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Best not to give anything with sugar in BadHare, as this will only feed the cancer! Sugar should be a definite NO, NO when you have cancer!! Eggs are good though, especially the yolk (Make sure it's quite runny though as you don't want to cook out all the goodness!) part as they are full of nutrients, but the white is harder for some people to digest.

I definitely agree with the bone broth Karen80273 suggested, as said, it is extremely nutritious and easy to digest!

All the best!

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BadHare in reply to Dottie2011

You're entirely right Dottie! Thanks for correcting me!

I've read about the benefits of a ketogenic diet, so shouldn't have written that.

Eggs become less digestible the more they're cooked.

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No worries, BadHare! ;)

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Thankyou Dottie ill go and undo my like on badhares comment :)

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Thanks badhare those are great suggestions, she tried a soft boiled egg this morning and got through half of it.

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That's a start!

Hope she can manage a bit more tomorrow, & is feeling better soon!

That wee furry face must be helping your wife's recovery? What kind of Spaniel is he/she?

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Hes a cavalier king Charles with an attitude of the royal family to go with it. I think he has a bit if cocker spaniel in him with his colouring but he has papers to prove me wrong and my wife says I'm wrong as everything.

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He'll develop that attitude if allowed, it's not just the royal dogs! ;)

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