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Love trying new healthy food/recipes


Hi, I am happygirlami, and I love trying new recipes using my crock pot. I enjoy having my dinner cooking at home, while I am away for the day. I love root vegetables, squash, beans, and everything in between. I love eating healthy, it makes me feel better. I will try to share some of my ideas, and I will try yours too.

Have a happy, blessed day!!

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Hi happygirlami

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum, and I hope you'll enjoy participating here. :-)

Zest :-)

happygirlami in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest!!! :)


Hi happygirliami, well done for joining us I hope and thanks for introducing yourself. You're in great company on here for all things healthy eating and I for one love sharing ideas.

So I hope that you enjoy being part of the HE community. 😊

happygirlami in reply to Jerry

Thank you Jerry!! I look forward to seeing and trying your shares!!! :)

Hi, I am very much looking forward to sharing and swopping ideas 💡🙂 Ali

Thank you Agoodenough!!!! I am too!!! I think this is very fun, and making new friends always makes my heart happy :)


Hello Freekick 12 :) Wow, that is some beautiful cookware!!!! I may need to look into that!!! I have never seen that before. I'm excited!!! The fact that that your boy eats his veggies, and like them sells me on that. Hopefully my kids will follow in your boy's footsteps :)

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