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Not dieting but eating healthily

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Hello I was diagnosed with an Under active thyroid in January this year. I have not actually followed a diet since then. I've just cut out processed foods completely, soya and high fibre veg and other foods which are not good for the thyroid. I've now lost nearly 2 stone since my diagnosis. But the foods I eat are much more varied than my previous way of eating. It's surprising as I always thought my food consumption was good for me! I love cooking from scratch and know my food will do me good! I look forward to getting more ideas from others who may have the same problems as me. I have had to change to glutton free foods and can only have lactose free milk. I make very tasty curries and soups BTW. Now I find the weight has unbelievably stayed off. Thanks for letting me join.

2 Replies

Hi Pauline,

Congratulations on losing the weight, and to managing to eat healthily and enjoying cooking from scratch - I hope you'll share some of your tasty curries and soups, and any other lovely recipes you have done - if you want to of course - but there will be some keen members like myself who would love to see them.

I know it's a 'typo' but I laughed when you mentioned 'glutton free foods' - that tickled my humour :-)

Hope you enjoy being part of this forum, and hope to see you round and about.

Zest :-)


Hope you've joined Thyroid UK, too?

I still eat fermented soy as I eat tamari & miso regularly, & tempeh when I can get it. Soy seemed to be the only goitrogen to affect me, as I eat a wide range of others with no ill effect. Fibre only seems to be an issue if eaten soon after THs are taken, so I wait at least four hours, then have a lot of very high fibre foods after lunch & supper.

I've posted several times both here & TUK about the benefits of probiotics. Kefir every day has made a big difference to my health, & is especially good for hypos as we have commonly have low stomach acid. It eats the lactose, so can be good unless people have a sever dairy allergy, though some people find water kefir beneficial. I'm not gluten free, but generally avoid wheat products due to it's reduction in iron absorption, aside from sourdough which improves it.


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