The Smoothie Regime

My wife and I decided smoothies would be a good way to get our vitamins, minerals and nutrients. So, we have come up with the following smoothies.

Morning (for two people)

2 cups of milk kefir,

Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, a kiwi, grapes and a plum,

tbsp. spirulina powder, tbsp. black cumin seed, tbsp. chia seed, handful of dried goji berries, handful of mixed nuts (tree nuts only), tbsp. of turmeric paste, tbsp. of sunflower seeds

Evening (for two people)

Handful of raw mixed greens, handful of raw kale, 4 raw okra, 4 cherry tomatoes, 3rd of a cucumber, several broccoli florets, 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 avocado, handful of mixed nuts (tree nuts only), 2 tbsp honey, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp. sunflower seeds.

Add water til it spins in the blender (about 3 cups)

We are interested in any and all comments. We think we are doing the right thing based on what we’ve read. We would also like to know about foods interacting in the belly. For example, I read somewhere that some foods cause fruit to rot in the belly. We would like to know if certain foods, mixed in the belly, will negate our “good” efforts.

Many thanks,

Gary and Bel


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15 Replies

  • Hi Gary & Bel,

    Welcome to the Healthy Eating community. Your smoothies sound really interesting. I don't really have many smoothies - so don't really have any constructive comments to make about yours, but I do drink Kefir regularly, and really enjoy that.

    I feel sure you'll get some comments about your smoothies from the community, and I hope that you're enjoying them. Which one do you like the taste of more, the morning one or the evening one?

    Zest :-)

  • evening tastes better...probably the honey and cinnamon

  • Sounds yummy and very healthy! My wife and I also drink smoothies for breakfast a lot. We use Spirulina as well. It has some pretty amazing benefits. Some other things you could consider implementing (you may have already heard of or use these) are Beetroot powder, Moringa Leaf powder, Ashwagandha Root powder, and Bee Pollen. I use the Bee Pollen and coconut milk powder twice daily in my coffee. It's a nice alternative to artificial sweeteners and creamers. Bee Pollen actually has almost every nutrient necessary for humans. :)

  • I'm gonna look into those. Thanks

    We have a moringa tree in the yards. We add the leaves regularly.

    Bee pollen sounds interesting. Might you recommend a specific product?


  • We got our pollen from a small bee farm/apiary in Iowa, but you can also get it on Just make sure the pollen's origin is USA. Also, if you've never tried pollen before, you'll want to test it to see if you have any allergic reactions or sensitivity. Just place a granule under your tongue and let it dissolve, if that goes fine, increase by 1 granule each day until you're sure you won't have any allergic reactions.

  • I would like to question the science behind the so called super food aspect of bee pollen

    This might be a useful article to read. I haven't found a single article based on research which supports claims for it to have any major benefits. But I stand to be corrected if you can point me towards any studies.


  • Dr. Josh Axe has a good article on the health benefits: He links to scientific studies after he makes a health benefit claim.

    In the article you linked to it mentioned increased risk of heart attack in susceptible people...That was concerning and I'd never heard that before. If you have blood pressure, diabetes, or heart health issues I would definitely avoid it based on that. Best to consult with your doctor before consuming Bee Pollen too.

  • I'd like to add a note of caution to the heavy consumption of smoothies. The ingredients are certainly healthy but you must ask if your body is capable of handling them in such quantities. Was it designed to handle them? I think not. Smoothies do not grown on trees, in the ground or in the seas. Let's face it, they are artificial concoctions. Healthy ingredients yes but good for you in such large quantities? I doubt it.

    In nutrition I think it is important to feed the body in the way nature intended it to be fed. Before you flood your stomach with the smoothie just take a look at the raw ingredients. Would you, or even could you, eat them all in their natural state in one meal. If the answer is yes they are almost certainly good for you. If the answer is no. then leave them alone or at least drink them only as a very occasional treat.

  • Hello Gary and Bel,

    Firstly I have to say that I agree with "happydodderer" 100%. I couldn't have put it better. You are treating your digestive system badly by flooding it with this concentrated unchewed food. The digestive system is a system of bulk which requires a sustantial volune of fibre which is not fully digested, for example the bran on wheat. The Spiruluna you mention is expensive. Saturated fats seem to be missing from your diet of smoothies; you need them, they are not dangerous. The brain is made up of 80% fat.

    You would do so much better to be looking at what we ate 150 years ago and get away from these modern fads. 100% wholemeal bread (make your own as we do) fresh fruit and vegetables and some basic cereal, oats, barley, and lentils together with a moderate amount of fish or meat, eggs and what's wrong with whole milk and butter? Treat honey and smoothies as treats. Get your refined sugar intake down as low as possible; as a couple we buy 1kg a year.

    I hope I've given you something to consider. Good luck. Tibbly

  • Look at it this way - you probably couldn't eat 10 apples straight - too much fibre in 10 apples and your stomach couldn't hold it. BUT - juice those 10 apples and you will easily be able to drink the concentrated juice- with it's 10 apples worth of sugar!! :)

  • Well said Bazza1234; someone else who understands.


  • I see what you're saying, that makes sense. It would seem to be better to mix maybe a tiny bit (1 or 2 tsp) of these "superfood" powders along with other healthy foods. We'll put about 2 of these powders in with things like banana, frozen fruit, almond milk, avocado, raw honey, greek yogurt, chia seeds, and kale.

  • I'm not sure, but think I have read that, it is better to eat and chew food, rather than just swallow it. Correct me if I'm wrong...xx

  • Yes, it certainly better to eat and chew food rather than just swallow it. In fact it is essential for proper digestion and thus nutrition. Chewing slowly and thoroughly releases natural enzymes in the mouth which mix with the food and then help the digestive tract to obtain maximum nourishment.

  • Well said happydodderer. Absolutely correct as before. Why must people get caught up in these fads? Just eat ordinary food as near to the point of production; soil, tree, bird, animal!


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