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Healthy Eating
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Feeling positive

Im on day 4 and hopefully next Mondays weighin will show me a good result Im trying to keep within 1500 calories a day Im walking but my osteoarthritis has flared up and I walk in short bursts Im finding grating a food makes it look and feel a lot more Im doing this with apple carrot cheese and even a cube of chocolate sprinkled in my yoghurt I have little pots stored in the fridge Learning to eat in a different way !

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Good for you!! That's great that your try to eat better and lose weight!

Eating lots of fruits/ veggies everyday is very good for you and should help you lose weight!



Fruits are considered natural candies for D. So not all fruits are good for us and should be taken in limited quantity.


Hi milliemay1

Grating your food sounds good, especially the veg, good luck on your weight loss and healthy eating

Rosie 😊

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