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Lethargic after eating!

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You’ve probably seen a post like this before but I’m having a hard time trying to pin point an answer so; after lunch every day I’m feeling quite lethargic, almost like if I sit down I could go straight to sleep. Im not sure what’s going on whether my body is still getting use to the fact it’s been healthy for the past few weeks or I’m having a reaction to food or eating too much.

I know it could be a number of things but any kind of conclusions would be a little helpful!

12 Replies
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Hi Slaammm ,

Welcome to the Healthy eating forum. There was a very similar post to the one you've done, so maybe have a look at the replies to that one in the first instance. I'm just about to go to sleep, as it's nearly midnight where I am, but I wanted to reply to you, and offer you something that might be of help:


Maybe discuss it with your GP as well - to see if you are deficient in anything or have a medical issue that might need looking at.

Zest :-)

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Hi Slaammm ,

What do you usually eat for lunch at work or on the weekends? If a person eats turkey, then that can make a person feel tired. Most people get the tiredness due to the meat because it contains an amino acid — those are the building blocks of proteins — called tryptophan. It helps the body make important chemicals called hormones, including melatonin. High melatonin levels tell your brain it’s time to go to sleep. I hope this helps you.

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Control bread input, and make sure you eat wholemeal.

White bread even nice ones with seeds or whatever will, and I mean will cause a immediate sugar spike. And of course that include pies, pasties, pasta, ready-made sandwiches. Anything that remotely has refined flours.

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Heavy fatty meals can cause lethargy as can a meal with a high concentration of milk

am just coming round form my after lunch nap..this happens every day no matter what i eat.. i have put it down to been restles and not sleeping properly.

i havent given this much thought..but i nerver used to be like this.

it is as you say i can full asleep on the chair while am still eating.

i can add that when coming awake from sleep i feel drowsy for some time.

thank you for your post as it made me realise that its something that needs looking into.

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I found my candida overgrowth in particular caused lethargy after eating re: Dr Cobi Slater The Ultimate Candida Guide and Cookbook... through a nutritionist I tested positive for SIBO-H and candida antigen.

It's hard to tell without knowing what you have been eating and what type of work you do. People fall asleep when they are very tired. Long-distance truck drivers, for example.

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High GI (glycaemic index) foods cause drowsiness as the body can become tired after having an insulin spike, Sugary foods, pasta, white bread, rice, refined foods can cause this as they are digested very quickly.

Try eating foods that are low GI, & take a longer time to digest, Wholegrains, pulses, nuts & seeds, & other high fibre foods. These re also higher in nutrition, so you may find you feel better, too.

It's also good to overhaul what you're eating in general. Here's some basic guidelines to look at: anhinternational.org/wp-con...


If you're sticking to a healthy unprocessed diet & getting enough nutrients, & the fatigue continues, think about avoiding food containing gluten & fructans. If that fails, consider getting thyroid & other hormones tested.

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TheAwfulToad in reply to BadHare


I used to feel terrible after meals. I thought it was normal - because at the time, all the health advice was (still is!) to "base your meal on complex carbohydrates". Since I stopped eating the things BadHare lists out, I no longer get post-meal drowsiness.

Personally I replace the starches with vegetables (including beans of various kinds). I'm not a big fan of "whole grains".

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BadHare in reply to TheAwfulToad

I keep my grains to small portions as I need them to balance veggie amino acids with pulses. Usually portions of brown rice, quinoa, etc, are no more than 1/3 of a "normal" portion. Porridge, a piece of seeded rye sourdough seems ok for me, & occasionally I'll have two with no issues. I do notice negative effects if I eat out.

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TheAwfulToad in reply to BadHare

Ah, pretty much the same here. Occasionally I feel like a bit of brown rice or wholemeal bread. If I go out and eat a curry with rice I'm catatonic for an hour afterwards :)

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BadHare in reply to TheAwfulToad

It's usually pasta that gets me, though I usually only eat it when friends' cook, or that's the only veggie option. I sleep well after! :)

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