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calorie counting the most feared words

hi, im just about to start on the NHS 12 week plan but im petrified of calorie counting ive never done it before and im not 110% sure on where to start or how it stands with fresh fruit and veg ive tried calorie apps but i don't stick to using them any advise would be very helpful i know if i can get my head round this i will be on my way to feeling more confident about the weight loss programme

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Hi, the best way to start is really is to sit down over the weekend and do some planning of what you are going to cook and also look up in the app how many calories would that be, or look up that in the package and get yourself familiar with suggested serving size in each of the packet. I sat down before doing 12 weeks plan and wrote down different combinations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are within calorie limit and then just used that as a guide... i was shocked at how small the portion of 40gram Shreddies really is... but now i don't have to weight it any longer as i got used to the size of the portion. Kitchen scales are essential here :-) good luck!

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It can be daunting but with a bit of planning you will soon get into the habit, can I suggest writing it all down in a notebook and that way you will build up a record of your favourite foods ....andrremember you didnt get overweight over night so an hour or so to plan your week isnt too much to ask . Good luck


What's the 12 week plan? Is it from your doctor or can anyone do it? In need of some guidance in my eating, thanks x


It's online, right here: nhs.uk/Livewell/weight-loss... It feels like a healthy lifestyle change, rather than a diet. I'm on week 6 and have seen good results already.

Good luck!


Calorie counting is a terrible fad. You can get addicted to thinking about everything you put in you mouth in terms of numbers, rather than the actual nutrients that you need from food.

Why did the NHS revert to this Edwardian method? Following the balanced diet recommended for the Eatwell Plate wasn't working, because the proportions are wrong. The natural protein and fat foods that control appetite are under-represented.


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