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Sugar, chocolate & crisps alternatives

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Hey folks! :)

Just looking for a bit of help in regards to the above subject.

I have an extreme sweet tooth and cant seem to shake it off, its getting to the point where its effecting my weight. I workout intensely for 90 minutes twice a week (I know its not much but its all I can do as I work) but i always cycle to and from work every morning.

I have a two week holiday coming up in September and I need to get that summer bod!

I just cant seem to shake off all the rubbish im eating! Ive started making smoothies which have my 5 a day added into them which are amazing but im still craving sweets, chocolate and crisps!

Would anyone know of any alternatives i can try to knock my sweet tooth ?

Ive heard dark chocolate is a good alternative to normal chocolate as it has 70%+ cocoa powder which i will start trying. Is there any Jellies or something along them lines to help me stop adding to my tire around my waist!

The main goal would be eating healthy during the week and have one cheat day on the weekends where i can smother myself in all my favorite foods and sweets and bury myself on the couch!

Thank you so much in advance!

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Not sure if this helps, but last year I bought a tongue spray from Holland and Barrett that helps with chocolate cravings, seem ti think its a zinc spray but might be wrong 😄

Just checked its a magnesium spray x

Thank you! I will give it a try :)

As the risk of sounding like a broken record, you might want to check this out:

Your experience is a common one, and unfortunately the only solution (for most people) is to just stop it. All of it. You can't cut down on sugar for the same reason smokers can't cut down on cigarettes.

Doing a weekly 'cheat day' would be completely out of the question because it would negate the value of everything you've done during the week - surprisingly, the negative effects of a sugar hit can persist for a long time beyond the actual event. Once a month will be harmless once you've hit the reset button and your appetites are functioning normally again; basically, you won't want it more often than that.

TheAwfulToad is right of course - it's all bad. I have used Atkins bars, Perlege diabetic chocolate and Whey Hey ice cream as lower carb alternatives. And I have some stevia to hand in case I get the urge to bake some cake/biscuits. My logic is that these things are 'less bad' than the full sugar equivalent - they seem to satisfy the craving without leaving me wanting more and more. Hope that helps!

I also have a very sweet tooth and it is difficult to control. The only way I can really manage it is to cut it all out (well almost). I do allow myself two luxuries regularly, one is Cadbury highlights hot chocolate which is only 38 calories a cup (mor like 60 the way I make it...) and Diet Coke. Between the two they give me a sweet boost, enough to cut out all the othher lovely stuff my family eat around me.

Between this and lots of exercise I have managed to lost 3 stone and get myself fairly well in shape. It really is down to strong will power and determination though, which is only something you can provide!

Best of luck!

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