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Prediabetes/Diabetes Type 2


Im scared I could have this disease. I eat a lot of sugar processed foods. I have tried to stop. This morning my urine was dark in color. My doctor told me that my blood work was normal and that I didnt have it 5 months ago. He didnt even mention prediabetic. Its scaring me. Starting today I am limiting myself to one piece of chocolate a day. I am scared that its too late. How do I know if im ok.

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Here’s a copy of the free leaflets from the DRWF (Iabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. Go to:

Also, here’s the link about Type 1 and 2 Diabetes. It is:

Hope this helps!😀👍

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Ty! ❤️

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You’re welcome!😀👍

Dark urine is usually a sign you´re dehydrated - which is quite normal in the morning because you just spent 8 hours in a warm place without drinking. Try drinking more water during the day and see if it helps.

Not everyone who eats a lot of sugar has or gets diabetes or is ever pre-diabetic. Reducing your sugar intake is a good idea for a lot of reasons but if your doctor says you´re ok you are most likely ok right now, so relax and try to generally take good care of your body until your next check-up. Healthy food, relaxation, enough sleep and a bit of exercise are all things your body will thank you for no matter what.

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Omg ty so much. This helped me out. My hypochondria gets to me a lot.

Please have a read of this from a colleague in NHS Weight loss forum.:

There is also a Low Carb High Fat forum which I'd recommend you investigate, and here's a "resources" list I put together for anyone wanting to research this lifesyle:

Sugar is only half the story you have to take account of your carbohydrates as these are converted by body to glucose. Bread , Pasta and Rice are all need to be counted.

If your keen on chocolate there is always 90% cocoa variety thats low(er) on sugar :)

There will be lots of help and advice here.

Eat healthily.....keep diabetes!

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First- Change your doctor. Get blood test for A1C and report here, IF A1C is above 6.5 --then take steps --other wise you are okay. Don't worry too much. Also - if you have glucose meter --you can check at home for 3 to 5 days - check blood sugar 0- before meal and i=one hour and two hours after meal and report here for 3 days in a row.

You can also learn - lot more about diabetes in ' Diabetes India " forum here .

You may learn - how to prevent- follow Low carb diet- NO processed food and no sugar

Go to the doctor and have yourself tested. And drink more water to get the urine looking pale again.

eat dark chocolate its better for you and if your doc has not mentioned it to dont worry about it too much as they're quite hot on stuff like that. i'd start looking into eating foods etc that wont get you diabetes as once you have it, its a lifestyle change. just cut down on sugary drinks, try to eat sugar free sweets if you eat sweets??!!! its not just a matter of sugar level content its the kind of foods you eat also, when you next do a food shop just check the net and see whats good for you, you will find the kind of stuff you can eat is not that drastic. you could also look at it the other way and see what you should avoid.

Good luck

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