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Slimming world weight loss plateau

Hi! Ive been doing slimming world unsuccessfully for a many number of years, however after chatting to my doc and tweaking my thyroxine tablets (im underactive) i joined sw again and in 11 weeks have lost a stone which im thrilled about. I have another 12-14lbs to loose to get to target, however ive come to a weight loss stand still. I need some tips to help get me up and running (not literally thanku!😂) I realise that after eating a similar amount of calories for past 11 wks my body now has got used to it, so do i kind of calorie cycle? Eat more cals one day, then bk to what im eating on a normal day? Any tips would be welcome. Thanku and sorry for lengthy post!!

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Hi Kaytlou,

Many Congratulations on losing a stone over the past 11 weeks, that is fantastic!!! :-)

Maybe put your stats into the BMI calculator - to see what calorie range you are recommended to eat now that you're a lower weight?

A link to it is here, if you want to do that:


Wishing you success with your remaining pounds. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Zest :-)


Thanku v much for your reply zest. Im going to use the link you sent me now. Hoping THAT helps! Thanku!! 😊

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